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President Donald Trump’s Latest Executive Order Targets Trade Cheats | NBC News

President Trump says the two orders he signed Friday will not only help reduce America’s trade deficit but will brings thousands of jobs back to the U.S. manufacturing sector.
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President Donald Trump’s Latest Executive Order Targets Trade Cheats | NBC News

Blogger, Performer, Truck Driver, Serial Careerist, Cigarette Butt Collector. Let me bitch at you every day until you sort your shit.


  1. In the mean time try to support your fellow American and Buy American goods when possible over overseas made and communism made. Than maybe your wife can get paid more in the future. Support fair trade and American Made. Example New Balance shoes Made In The USA $125— Nike Made In China $123 what one do you buy ?
    Lets get rid of welfare and earned income, with a fair wage job.
    Are you on welfare or do you get earned income welfare ?
    Support good wages Buy American.

  2. Trump says the trade policies were "bad". No, they were GREAT for the corporations and billionaires. The free trade agreements were written by the corporations and enacted via the power of money in lobbying and over the election system. They gutted the manufacturing sector, sent millions of jobs overseas, and led to decline of real wages. But, thanks to the corrupt campaign finance system, elected politicians server their wealthy corporate and billionaire campaign donors, not ordinary working class Americans. The swamp will always refill itself until we overturn Citizens United and reform the corrupt campaign finance system. Neither Trump nor any Rep politician has even mentioned Citizens United, or reforming the campaign finance system.

    Only Bernie Sanders and the progressive faction of the Dem party is fighting for overturning Citizens United and reforming the corrupt campaign finance system.

  3. Donald Trump Is on the Social Level of Organized Crime Bosses in New York City.  The Donald has no ethics and morals.

  4. Donald Trump has the Nuclear Codes and he can now Destroy All Life On Earth. And Donald Trump is a Crazy Son Of A Bitch that might very well start a Nuclear War that would destroy all life on Earth. At Least Three Men should be required to Agree  on Nuclear War before anyone in the United States can Wage a Nuclear War and Destroy every human on Earth.

  5. Donald Trump is beholding to the Billionaires in America and that is why Donald Trump appointed all Billionaires an Multi Millionaires to his Presidential Cabinet. Donald Trump Is looking out for the Billionaires and Multi Millionaires in America. Donald Trump does not serve the American People. Donald Trump serves the Billionaires and Multi Millionaires in America.

  6. CHUMP is unquestionably the worst president we've ever had. He's putting the sludge back into the swamp! Foreigners are either laughing their asses or shaking their heads in disgusting or both at how stupid we look right now! Well don't blame me, I didn't vote for him, but does our vote even matter?

  7. Oh dang I forgot I was watching a Nothing But Crap/NBC video… I started wondering why so many anti americans were here… i'll make sure to thumbs down on my way out…

  8. Trump will succeed. He's hasn't yet begun to fight. He will succeed and the left will cry
    and go running home to their mommies. Finally got a real man in the President's seat.

  9. I guess you people would rather have a democratic admin who gives our enemies 150 billion, plus 20% of our Uranium to Russia. Depletes our Military, and creates more debt than every prior president COMBINED. Trump is doing good things for America and you people are a national embarrassment who want to cry and oppose progress. Truly a shame but please keep it up because your party is shrinking due to this and real patriots see it clearly. Go to Canada! MAGA!

  10. ///A Few Reasons Why We Love POTUS// A Business Man That Believes in the constitution, Our Laws, Our Traditions… "America is a Dot Inc. "Yes" a corporation.. Trump has become a billionaire 10 x… He loves America. And Americans… Instead of being a shill, Give POTUS A Chance.. Unlike Obama, And His 90million$ in vacations, giving Iran Billions, and carrying on the legacy of the elite to transfer wealth out of the country, and collapsing us into a third world hell hole, POTUS cares, in fact POTUS isn't receiving a Presidential Salary, He's donating it to Charity, None of The Trumps are receiving a dime from the tax payers for there work, This is few reasons why Patriots Love POTUS. and The Trumps. POTUS is real, Not a sock puppet of the NWO agenda, who's admitted goal is to dissolve America As we know it..

  11. He's good when he reads the script, once he goes off script, he's a moron.
    Who wrote the script?

  12. Companies Shipped jobs over seas because of regulations, Bad Trade deals, And, the inability to compete. You don't see the big picture..

  13. Trump left the room before he signed this Executive Order. Maybe he just forgot what the Press was there to witness or…his early onset Dementia finally kicked in on camera? Or, maybe his Alzheimer's is becoming more astute…?

  14. Reason why jobs were moved abroad is to save cost. If you bring them back, prices will go up. Economists call that 'inflation'.
    We Europeans very happy with Trump. He doesn't do anything to help the Economy, so we we can gain the competative edge.
    Also good for us that calls of our trade agreement. Our subsidized farmers were getting worried that they might have to compete with US farmers.
    And lastly: Fourtunately Trump doesn't dare to touch the people with high incomes. Since the bulk of EU exports is to the US is luxury goods, we are glad to see that our target market can keep buying our goods that would otherwise be spend on tax, which, godforbid, could actually be used to imrove the US ecenomy.
    Who knows, he might even go so far as to chase away US companies that will might move to the EU.
    Go Trump !

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