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President Donald Trump: We Want Millions Of Cars To Be Made In The United States | CNBC

CNBC’s Eamon Javers reports on President Trump’s meeting with automobile executives.
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President Doanld Trump: We Want Millions Of Cars To Be Made In The United States | CNBC

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  1. Building expensive cars in the USA for domestic market should not be much of a problem. Exporting them is another story.

  2. I Thank My God every day for giving America the Greatest President in American History. The Honorable President Donald J Trump Captain America to the World.

  3. plase help us around the world, less than the last 10 years there are many churches burning up to DIBOM in INDONESIA, due to minority cristianity religion

  4. What about all the Wednesday the card manufacturers could the sale and they were parked in flooded out by a freak storm caused by the HAARP weather weapon just so they could collect on the insurance and Ford backing out of building cars anymore except for the Mustang and they're just building trucks that's not going to go good with your plans mr Trump

  5. No one is going to buy it. He will bankrupt auto companies faster than they can sell. With Chinas3 sanctions and trade war. China was the biggest importers for US autos now they will stop purchasing. Euopeans and even US doesnt like US made autos.

  6. Well I respect that trump is fulfilling SOME promises from the election like he promises he would get more things made in the USA. But cars wont be so easy.

  7. I believe the cars that should be made only Are the electric it should be illegal to make them with gasoline now too much pollution causing global warming

  8. I'll take one of your finest Ford's
    Send it too me in Registered post
    I'll learn how too drive while I'm Waiting
    If You Can prevent crazy allies the Zionists from attacking Iran
    Trump you'll sell At least 7 billion car's
    Love And Knowledge From Ireland
    Although German is Still best .
    Anything German = Reliable .

  9. no one cares about this subject of adding job sectors , but Stormy is worth wasting air time 24/7 for the past 4 weeks.

  10. I love this dude man. Im mixed but doesn't change the fact that im an AMERICAN. Being an American is a privilege not a race will u wanna be precise Americans are one whole group which is all of us in the USA which our 4 founding fathers visions was of that. Donald Trump is making America great again because he's pushing the agenda where its needed he's pushing our country to look stronger again. He loves Mexican come on Donald Trump is a people pleasure people forget that he's cocky smart and gets what he needs or wants. You see how he said im glad you moved from Mexico to Michigan you know why? Hes glad to have more forces working for his country who wouldn't be proud to have more hard working people in this country? Every nation is built by laws and its true but we cant keep judging one another nor keep calling every immigrant names of whatever you want to call them. Being an American is to believe and achieve in your dreams that comes along with working hard either its in school or at work you can still achieve it in anyways you can. I love all race one thing well plenty things we all have in common is that we invest but aswell we feel the same emotions and feelings even tho it could be sadness for something different that emotions is still the same sadness as a rich or poor folk no matter how you want to say it. We have to work hard to be able to say in this country being an American is a privilege either you work or figure ways to make money or get arrested and stay there till death or get out the country.

  11. MORE CARS BEING BUILT IN THE USA MEANS MORE JOBS but a downfall can also mean more chemicals or toxic in the air as well smart but will have a cost at the end

  12. U all ask for Tesla! Tesla sold a few 100k cars in 13 years. VW 11.5 millions a year. Tesla is tiny, just The stocks r extremely overpriced

  13. The only guy that would validate this meeting is Elon Musk…and he has better things to do! Says a lot about this WH.

  14. Making millions of cars and people wanting to buy them are two very different things. Ask Honda how that’s working out their sales show not very well.

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