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President Donald Trump Support Among Republicans Free Falling | The Beat With Ari Melber | MSNBC

Trump boasts about “doing more” than any president despite no major legislative wins. Trump campaign surrogate David Wohl joins “The Beat” after a “guarantee” Trump’s promises would become realities.
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President Donald Trump Support Among Republicans Free Falling | The Beat With Ari Melber | MSNBC

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  1. The one thing that I have found of the following United States politics is that yes the Democrats are not is any better than the Republicans but the one thing I found is the Democrats seem to have their numbers in check they have the education and the numbers to back their claims up the Republicans all they seem to do is smoke and mirrors is basically what they are air pump with no substance their ideology is the scream loud enough and and put out as many false claims as possible hoping the American people will listen and believe in what they're saying and the true sad part of this is there are large majorities of Americans that actually believe what the Republicans are saying.

  2. More exposure for David Wohl law firm that's all. Thanks MSNBC for setting the record straight and putting David Wohl in his place and exposing his propaganda.

  3. Trumpyboy isn't doing himself any good hiring sycophantic mouthpieces .
    People are beginning to question, not only the "Trump Family Party" and their retinue of self-serving hypocrits, but , also themselves , as to how they fit into the narrative of the political debate.
    ………possibly the only positive thing to emerge from
    this ridiculous farce.

  4. The Whitehouse probably echoes, because #45 has no staff. Ivanka and Jared are on their Swiss Ski trip. Eric and Don Jr. who knows where they are. Barron, does that kid get outside much? Has he been able to make friends? Had a sleep over? Invited a classmate from New York to visit????

  5. The only thing this monster has done more THAN ANY OTHER PRESIDENT is create hate, confusion, panic, fear. THAT"S IT!

  6. Trump has accomplished nothing. Job creation, stock market , GDP growth – all the same trajectory continued under Obama

  7. Ari Melber is NOT adhering to 4th Estate standards which support the ability to inform the citizenry. Allowing uncivil verbal abuse, including interruptions and talking over each other is in keeping with verbal wrestling matches popular in dictatorships.

  8. The Moran David is cuing the very media that have him on air to voice his story ,,, he is actually on the media saying the media doesn't put them on the media,,,is he crazy

  9. I don't normally just flat out laugh. But when that guy started talking, I just burst out. He's accomplished LITERALLY nothing, and that guy still says what he says with a straight face. That could be a deadpan comedy sketch. That was HILARIOUS!

  10. In 5 years when Trump is out/in prison, the GOP is dead, and the history is set in stone, people like this "lawyer" are going to wake up and realize that they are going to be remembered with the likes of Goebbels and Goering.

  11. Republicans ALWAYS try to claim the stock market and fewer people receiving unemployment benefits show improvement. Both are simply fraudulent numbers and NEITHER are indicative of our real economy yet Americans seem incapable of realizing this. Both parties lie and spin numbers while turning this country into an Oligarchy. What we have is full blown class warfare and the plutocrats are winning bigly. Don't cheer on the plutocrats. You're on their menu too.

  12. 58% is another MNSBC lie.

  13. "Hes doing so much!" "hes done less than any modern president before.." "hes created a million jobs!" "its less than ssme time last year…" "look at the stock market!!" "he hasnt done anything but deregulate the stock market from consumer protections put in place after the last collapse obama fixed. Obama also set the market trend afterwards with policy leading to what you still see today…" "….Hillarys email!"

  14. Literally everything the guy on the left said was a lie. Trump has accomplished nothing but causing division amongst Americans and these idiots turn a blind eye anyway.

  15. Most of Trump’s Cabinet Cesspool members have their own tax cutting agenda. They don't care 2 bucks about the drump chump and Crime Family.  Mnuchin wants more money anyway he can steal or take it. The EPA Pruit guy and the Secretary of the Interior Rodgers are selling out to their long time backers and donors polluting the country and National Parklands, DeVious Devos wants to make money by forcing a voucher education charter system. And the list of fraud and corruption goes on and on. The only way they might flip is if corruption charges against them were making their gravy train a little too hot to handle

  16. No stupid it's 10 months of corruption, lies, treason and non accomplishments – going forward more months of corruption, treason, lies, deceit and non-accomplishments.  Over and Out – Remove-Impeach ~!~

  17. You can basically remove any credibility from people that keep saying "i was told, i heard, etc" without siting a source because it is very apparent that they don't want to take responsibility for what they have said if actually proven false. This goes for both parties, although I think it's quite apparent who likes to do it more right now.

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