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President Donald Trump: Russia Probe ‘Makes Country Look Very Bad’ | TODAY

President Trump gave a spur-of-the-moment interview to The New York Times at his golf club in Florida, in which he said Robert Mueller’s Russia investigation “makes the country look very bad.” NBC’s chief White House correspondent Hallie Jackson reports for TODAY.
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President Donald Trump: Russia Probe ‘Makes Country Look Very Bad’ | TODAY

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  2. CLIMATE CONTROL Geo Engineering weather weapons HAARP all right here on you tube check it out and soon or soon can't read no more

  3. President Donald Trump it is not what the country can do for you but what you can do the country.
    President Donald Trump to Make America Great Again you must resign before the impeachment.
    President Donald Trump to save tax payers money you do so ASAP, you are no good at this.
    President Donald Trump go back to do your TV Show and real President is not a TV Show. You are a joke!

  4. 'Be fair'? Mueller is going to be legal and by the law. 'Fair' indicates bias or favoritism. A lot of facts have already been revealed showing T has broken many laws and committed crime. The City of New York has been trying to bring him down for years.

  5. He is right ! It makes his presidency look bad. His support of Putin looks bad . His insults and daily lies make the US look bad. He doesn’t get along with the republicans. The tax plan voters will struggle with re election under Trumps presidency .

  6. Those who do not know history are doomed to repeat it and all it's horrors.
    Trump is just such a fool…there is ample proof of this statement. Trump is ignorant of history in all it's forms. Right down to the fact that there needs to be Federal regulations on offshore drilling enacted, to keep the oil companies from failing to do, all they needed to do to prevent the simple blowout of Deepwater Horizon's casing connection at the sea floor. Trump has just destroyed all the new regulations Obama Administration and the Republican Congress just put in place last year. This president has NO IDEA of the complex yet minimum standards that are needed for safe drilling at 2 miles deep in the Gulf of Mexico….and Now …Trump will allow the oil companies to drill all across the Arctic regions using the same shoddy, stupid unregulated oil company methods !! Trump is insane and to let him do things he has no knowledge of is insanity we are enabling ourselves by being silent. Trump is the worst excuse for a president this nation has ever had. God Help Us All !!
    Trump is the single thing that has made America "look bad" all year long….every single day….every single hour !!
    Reelecting Trump in 2020 is not a mistake the majority of this nation will ever make ….this history will not repeat !!!

  7. 0:25 Actually, it is Trump and his Anarcho-Trumpians that make country look very bad. Ask anyone anywhere on Earth. Even the vast majority of Americans agree. In fact, quite a lot of Americans who voted for Trump now agree.

  8. Those dinosaurs were representations of the 3 "wise" men of the GOP: Trump, McConnell, and Graham. Soon to be extinct.

  9. Trump at the service of international bankers and the federal reserve (private bank that does not belong to the nation). These bankers control the congress and Trump. No one else will manipulate the US government. Trump said. But the federal reserve keeps making money of the nation with interests,. the debt to these private bankers is three times the domestic product of the nation. Trump became a Rothschild employee for 20 years as commerce secretary. the Rothschilds saved Trump from bankruptcy before becoming president. Trump's entire economic cabinet is made up of men from Goldman Sachs, a subsidiary of the Rothschilds and associates. kissinger messenger between the presidents of usa and the elite bankers and vaticanos visited Trump to greet him. Kissinger is a strategic advisor to the Vatican and partners (world's top leaders) for international affairs.

  10. Stupid Trumpo's Tweets are somehow based on what pharmaceuticals he's taken that morning or before he went to sleep, this is also why he is often dehydrated and slurs his speech!! What about his medical check-up?????

  11. Why is Trump showing Mueller respect "now?" Simple, Mueller had a meeting with Trump lawyers, remember? Mueller said look, I got nothing "but" I want my reputation intact and I can drag this out unless you stop attacking me. Ok? Trump team said "fair enough, wrap it up!" And "now" with every "polite" comment Trump makes, he finishes it with "wrap it up" as a reminder.

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