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President Donald Trump Frustrated By Notion Of Independent Justice | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC

Rachel Maddow shows how Donald Trump’s ignorance about the bounds of presidential propriety is interfering with the U.S. justice system and his desire to replace Jeff Sessions with a more sympathetic attorney general.
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President Donald Trump Frustrated By Notion Of Independent Justice | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC

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  1. President Trump is doing a great job so far.
    Thak God he won the election.
    Jobs- up.
    Stock market – up
    Jobs- coming back.
    Unemployment- going down.
    Illegal immigration-going down.
    Food stamps- down.
    Welfare- down
    Despite fake news by the left wing militant heathen democrats, President Trump continues to win in every way.
    God bless our great President Trump.
    God bless America.

  2. TRUMP the hypocrite. He's vested in China. His grandchildren are learning Chinese. His M.O. is SPITE. The tax cut agenda is for himself and his family. The NFL issue was never about the flag or patriotism. It was about protesting police brutality. Trump failed to buy the Buffalo Bills in 2013 so out of spite – he spread fake news about the NFL. I hope the NFL litigates against Trump. He cares nothing about how his lies impacted the NFL.

  3. It isn't an accident.  Trump knows what he is doing.  He wants leniency for those who harm our country and our laws.  He is a traitor and a foreign agent.

  4. Rachel maddow is literally the worst journalist on the planet . I shouldn't even say journalist cause she's not a journalist she's a joke and a left wing cue card reader

  5. It's astounding to me that the president so blatantly and transparently signals his motives with every tweet. To me it says that he has no understanding, no self-awareness of what he is doing to himself. His EVERY tweet only confirms his complicity in the crimes Mueller is investigating. And despite the best efforts of his lawyers and top level advisers for him to SHUT UP their best efforts are not and will not prevent his tweets.

    NO ONE, and I mean No One tells Trump what to do or think. He has spent six decades of his life being obeyed and bowed down to — in his own mind he is a supreme being whose every wish (well mostly) must be obeyed.

  6. It's disgusting the US has a political prison. Oh sure republicans will say it's war prisoners. It's not, it's political. You founding fathers would moan for eternity.

  7. It's time to pack it in Rachel,you tried your best to get Hillary in the whitehouse,not goin' to happen,there's always Hillary Junior Kamala Harris

  8. A crook is a crook is a crook. And Donald senior is consistently a crook. The only other thing consistent about him is his failure to give a crap about anyone but himself. Every naturalized US citizen must know what the Constitution says. However, the POTUS currently could not even pass a basic civics class. He has no clue why he should not be allowed to become America's first dictator. We have millions of veterans who fought, were injured or who died to protect the rights put forth in our Constitution and Bill of Rights. Even the cheapest schools in the poorest neighborhoods teach American civics. Donald senior is likely to say that he went to the best schools. Somehow, he never found anyone of moral character to learn from.

  9. Unlike Fox news, Rachel Maddow accurately reports the current state of affairs with continuity from past news, only the truth can be so fluidly expressed. She does not inject conspiracy theory opinions, false narratives, or blatant accusations. I appreciate her upfront, accurate journalism, one of very few media sources I trust. The information contained in this specific video, among others clearly exposes the depth of corruption in the current administration. Our President over steps his boundaries in a multitude of situations, and removes himself where he is needed the most. It is the most bizarre display of leadership I have ever witnessed. I am convinced Trump took the position of POTUS for his own agenda, not America's, not its citizens, but for his own egomania, business, finances, family, and elite connections.

  10. wow, this woman screams like a runaway mental patient. just wish news would start screaming about legitimate concerns people talk about on a daily basis. disconnected.

  11. Watch this video below and its plain to see what was going on during the election, The voters on the left was Horribly misled by the MSM's fake polls!
    All the private or independent polls showed Trump winning in a HUGE margin!! just the opposite of the MSM polls and its VERY CLEAR which ones were correct! and the only reason the MSM's polls were so far off was they kept mainly polling Democrats and in Democratically dominate states!
    The MSM had the voters on the left so convinced of an absolute win that on election night they didn't stay up to see if their candidate was going to win, NO! they were setting up just to see how bad Trump was going to lose!!!! and that's why their loss hurt so bad!!!
    The MSM, MSNBC was in on it to, ON PURPOSE LIED TO YOU ALL!
    THEY MISLED YOU! They really did!
    look at how stupid the MSM actually looks when you look back on them?
    WAKE UP LEFT AMERICA!!!! Your still being lied to!
    YOUR still being misled by the same MSM that misled you throughout the entire election!
    In years past the MSM had the power to flip an election, but not anymore!
    Check this out!
    Oh, I'm an Independent!!!

  12. There's not so funny for all those people's had been locked up ,there without criminal charges yet ,tortured and don't knowing when will be release .😱😢😲

  13. Its pretty reassuring when you find more people are watching negative videos of Maddow than her serious (gulp), show videos.

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