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President Donald Trump Campaign And A ‘Willingness’ To Collude | The Last Word | MSNBC

Description: International Politics Scholar Brian Klaas sees a connection between Donald Trump Jr’s meetings in Trump tower and accusations of ‘collusion,’ David Frum believes foreign countries are ‘bidding’ Trump Jr. and Jared Kushner’s favor. Frum and Klaas join Lawrence.
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President Donald Trump Campaign And A ‘Willingness’ To Collude | The Last Word | MSNBC

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  1. Attempting to collude should not be awarding incompetence just because they are failures at receiving foreign assistance.

  2. Ohh ok, I was wondering why Donald took his first presidential trip there? It was decided already, in August 2016.

  3. Just a reminder…. Seth Rich was the DNC leak. He was a whistleblower, and is a true American hero. John Podesta spoke of making an example of the "leak". Shortly after, Seth Rich was murdered, and his murder remains unsolved to this day.

  4. Please tell me why nothing is being done? He wasn’t elected by the people and we aren’t happy with the job he’s doing mainly because he’s destroying democracy. When will Republicans say “uncle”? Probably never because they can never admit they were wrong. Or is this what is meant to happen? Destroy democracy…installing authoritarian dictatorship.

  5. Does money make people stupid? Apparently…at least, we know it doesn't make you smarter…no matter what college you went to and whoever you paid to take your classes (…pretty sure this is how trump did it).

  6. Don't worry. It does shock us…by how stupid they really are. They think that they're smarter than everyone, especially their own voters. That's sad. Their voters don't seem to understand that trump and his whole campaign and admin think they're all stupid…that the voters are stupid because the voters were conned (are still being conned) and are loving every minute of it.

  7. 1973 LOCKUP. ERICK. PRINCE. NOW. !!!! LIES. #1. SEYSHELLS. ISLD. #2. TRUMPTOWER. GATE. canyonlocalfilmscom

  8. And now we know why he pulled from the Iran deal and now imposing crazy sanctions on Iran which will destabilize them. The United Arab Emirates HATE Iran and want Iran damaged…and Trump just did their Bidding….WOW. THIS IS NOT HOW AMERICAN FORIEGN POLICY WORKS.

  9. Rudy Giuliani, "What about the rest of the world?" As a lawyer I am surprised he would ask this; you never want to ask a question that you don't know the answer to. Your bluff is about to be called.

  10. When are Americans going to standup against trump and clinton wasnt much better americans need to take out their trash


  12. There is no end in sight of the corruption of Trump and his sickly children. I hope the day comes when legal measures are enough to put the whole gang behind bars. The trump children act as if they are royalty above and beyond the law. Trump wants to be knighted king. We don't have kings and royalty in this country — we fought a revolutionary war to escape the confines of a ruling class. Now we are a democracy and we need to get rid of anything or anyone who wants to destroy our precious democracy. Democracies are fragile and it takes the work of the masses to assure that a democracy remains a democracy. Trump doesn't even know the meaning of democracy: Rule by the PEOPLE and for the PEOPLE. Trump hates the people and rules and laws don't apply to him. His arrogance is astonishing — and like most egomaniacs, they don't know how stupid they are.

  13. Just that admission itself is enough to break the law… Our campaign laws and regulations forbid any outside help from foreign Nationals regardless and given more details especially from today on will show exactly what happened… Trump and his family can throw up as many false flags and attention fires they want but reality is going to come down on them hard.

  14. Don't our CONGRESSMAN read these boards?? That is the scary part!!! They know how disatisfied their constituency is. WHY aren't they doing something about it. They have to know much more than we do.What is going on BEHIND CLOSED DOORS. Smiling to your face and shaking your hand and stabbing you in the back with the other hand. What are they ALL UP TO. The honest ones have already resigned and are already gone.

  15. Meanwhile, on Fox news. The big scandal is that there was an FBI informant shedding light on this to federal law enforcement.

  16. Remember back when all this started and we saw 'Resident 'Rump hating on all our allies, but then — very weirdly — sending love to Putin, the Saudis, the EAU, Isreal, Duterte' and Erdogan? All those strangely autocratic/despot types? Wellllll, now we see why: Putin helped him win, now it looks like the Saudis-EAU-Isreal had a hand in it. Doesn't it seem like a pretty straight line of logic that Duterte and Erdogan might have thrown in as well? I mean, 'Rump is playing DIRECTLY out of Erdogan's playbook. To the letter. I bet a dollar those wiley fellas are in on the Deal of the Century and the biggest financial shift of wealth the world has ever seen. This is a great time to be a money hungry monster ready to crush those pesky peasants.

  17. To the Entire world!! " AMERICA IS ON VACATION UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE" we have a "accidental President" who is so unfit for the position it is obvious. He is guilty of Greed,vanity,abuse of women,employing a foreign enemy and much more, when we return to the world stage we assure all of you we will be better, stronger, and we will have cured herpes, this will be obvious by how clear the white House will appear. Until then go ahead laugh at us make your jokes we can take it. But remember we still are the Best Country on planet earth, period

  18. Brian Klass is right. This is so inappropriate for a Presidential candidate. This would disqualify literally anyone else. Why are we playing this charade?

  19. whole situation its that I properly and was able to successfully rub one off to the first lady Melaina Trumps nudes that moment will forever be immortalized throughout time

  20. A report like this, makes me think that "crooked hillary" just wasn't crooked enough to do herself any real good.

    Was she outclassed?

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