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President Donald Trump Arrives Back In US After North Korea Summit | TODAY

In the wake of his historic summit meeting with North Korea’s Kim Jong Un, President Trump is back in the U.S. But now the hard work begins: getting North Korea to live up to its promises. NBC’s Kristen Welker reports for TODAY from the White House.
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President Donald Trump Arrives Back In US After North Korea Summit | TODAY

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  1. Look, the press needs to take Trump at face value. On face value this whole Russia thing may well be planned by Trump from the very beginning in order to bring down the very oversight institutions put in place to keep presidents from creating a dictatorship in the USA. Never under estimate our enemy and do not under estimate Trumps propensity for crime motivated by power and profit. Trump wants to be a Dictator that is his goal.

  2. Fake news always negative like losers are….feminists & their pool-boys can kiss America's collective @$$. Waited 36 years to vote for my President Trump! May God continue to bless him!

  3. Strategically??? Oh my God. Trump did it because he's an immature narcissist. Gloating sucks but it sucks even more when people do so prematurely.

  4. dad trukp says to korea. let me see those nukes. korea says what nukes? Dad trump says negotiation finished.

  5. Notice how all the trump trolls have been fired. All u see is positive comments. I guess Soros is spending his energies in Europe to try and prevent individual nationalism. House of cards

  6. So many critics saying why didn't he get this done why didn't he have him agree to do this agree to do that.., he wasn't there to try to change the regime but what he did get done I feel is a huge step now it is baby steps it's a beginning


  8. It was all a set-up, its a big fat vacuous nothing. NK hasn't been a nuclear threat to the USA whatsoever … as if an ICBM is going to arrive from NK !!! …. Bugs Bunny holds more reality.

    trumps low level intellectuality cannot be allowed to con the masses.

  9. NBC is so stupid they said that trump never said how the US would verify if NK was holding their end of the deal. When multiple times he said that they would be checking in on NK to make sure that they are holding their end of the agreement. Plus, they said that trumo may of given up too much, but never actually said what he gave up.

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  11. I'm not a huge fan of trump, but he will not allow the N Korean midget get away with what every other administration let him get away with. Nobody is stupid enough to think N. Korea will just shut down their weapons. But Trump is doing more than any of his predecessors on this.

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