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Pope Francis departs USA night end of Tetrad blood moons Breaking News September 27 2015

Catholic Pope Francis departs USA on night that ends Tetrad blood moons Breaking News September 27 2015

Breaking News 4th Blood Super Harvest Moon Lunar Eclipse September 27 2015 Breaking News NASA

Decade of Current Events Biblical Apocalyptic Proportions September 19 2015 Breaking News

Super Moon Lunar Eclipse 4th Blood Moon September 27/28 2015 Breaking News

Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse Bible Prophecy Breaking News

Blood Moons 2015 What you missed and what is coming SuperMoon September 28 2015 End Times News Update

Blood Moons End times news update Eclipse Lunar September 28th 2015 Super Moon 4th Blood Moon Bible Prophecy Breaking News

Blood Moons End Times News Update Lunar Eclipse September 28th 2015 Super Moon 4th Blood Moon Bible Prophecy

Four Blood Moons

Blood Moons Breaking News Blood moon Lunar Eclipse April 4th 2015 Bible Prophecy 4 Blood moons

Blood Moons Breaking News 2nd lunar eclipse of four 4 Blood Moons

Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse April 4th 2015 Breaking News Bible Prophecy 3rd Blood Moon April 4th 2015

Blood Moon Breaking news 3rd Blood Moon April 4 2015 Solar Eclipse March 20 2015 & Sept 2015 Solar Eclipse March 20 2015

Blood Moons What is going to happen in Israel and the world in 2015 and 2016?

God Speaking to Mankind are you listening? The writing is on the wall (Gods Heavens – Sky – Born again Christians look up your redemption draws near) Open the bible look up bible verses on Stars Sun moon for starters – Isaiah 13:9-11, Isaiah 24:23, Joel 2:10-11, Joel 2:30-31, Joel 3:14-15, Matthew 24:29-30 Mark 13:24, Luke 21:25-27 Acts 2:20-21, Revelations 6:12-13 Revelations 8:12 – The Four Blood Moons and the Solar Eclipses fall on biblical dates that involve Israel and the world (all nations) – NASA Total Solar Eclipse of 2015 Mar 20

Blood moons–known as “lunar eclipses”–are a sign used by God to indicate judgment of the nation of Israel. Solar eclipses are a sign for the judgments of the nations of the world. The discovery of the lunar and solar eclipses in 2014/2015 in relationship to God’s appointed Festivals in Leviticus 23 The four Blood Moon Lunar eclipses connected to God’s Festivals during 2014-2015, occur as follows: Passover (1st Feast) April 15 2014 – Feast of Tabernacles (7th Feast) October 8, 2014

Passover (1st Feast) April 4, 2015
Feast of Tabernacles (7th Feast) September 28, 2015

The two Solar eclipses connected with God’s appointed times during 2014-2015, occur as follows:
Adar 29/Nisan 1 (Beginning 1st Month) March 20, 2015
Feast of Trumpets (Beginning of 7th Month) September 13, 2015

Solar Eclipse March 20 2015 & 3rd Blood Moon April 4 2015 Breaking News March 2015

What is going to happen in Israel and the world in 2015?

Not if but when Armageddon Final Hour Last Days News Prophecy

Bible Prophecy wars leading to Armageddon last days

Trans humanism Elon Musk Telsa CEO says artificial intelligence demons

UFO’s Aliens Cyborgs Trans humanism deception Demons Fallen Angels Postmodernism Emerging Emergent Church Mysticism ISLAM religion mythology Black Magic

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  2. The rapture will happen soon be prepared. Know and believe that Jesus died on the cross for your sins and sins of the world shed his blood and rose three days later and went back to heaven to prepare a place. Turn away from your sins and ask forgiveness and accept Jesus Christ as your Lord and personal Saviour. God will forgive your sins no matter what they are.

  3. Um, the eclipse is over the middle east not north America. But yes, thanks for the upload.jus saying that heading outside wont matter here. Shalom.

  4. The blood moon happens on A Jew holiday the real date for it is sept 28 2015 … But different weird events by the illuminati are happening on sept 22-27 … The blood moon on sept 28 will and or might finish the illuminati plan …. THE END IS NEAR

  5. 18 year cycle up until 1982-2015 which gives us 33 years with the next viewing 18 years later being 2033. I just find that interesting.

  6. After seeing this video I made a mistake I thought I heard September 28th or seen it for the 28th. I cant miss the blood moon on September 27th.

  7. I was talking with my dad a few nights ago while he was in bed and groggy. We were talking about how we heard bombs going off near the military base by our house in California. Then suddenly, he said, "Whoa, that was wierd". (We're Christians btw) and I was like what? He said that something big is going to happen, with Iran or maybe countries surrounding it and said the end is near. My dad you to claim he was a prophet years ago but later stopped because my family kept denying he was and almost kicked him out; but he said the day of the coming of Christ, everybody will be looking to the east (back in 2006), and god will appear to take his revenge. He's mentioned this many times before but it only just occurred to me why everybody will be looking into the east; because that's where moons rise, and since everybody has been talking about the blood supermoon I'm sure they'll all be waiting to see what happens on the 28th. I always questioned whether god was real or not but only today I made my final decision that he is. Because all of my dad's and the Bible's prophecies have come true. Which is why he's getting me to go to church tomorrow for once because he and I both know something is going to happen very soon, but like the bible says nobody knows the day or hour, nor the angels in heaven. There's more I left out but I want to make this readable by other people. Please feel free to comment whether or not you disagree or agree.

  8. The sun won't turn into darkness. Because why? Because the moon is covered by light so it will turn red. Make sure the axis is correct.

  9. The Article that brought me here reads " some people believe the moon has an significant effect on human behavior "
    well considering the Moon affects The Oceans tides and the average human body has around 65% Water in the body,
    yeah i think it does.

    They must be Lunatics, get it ? 🙂

  10. If Jesus existed………..he was Lucifer….God's son.
    Do not be fooled. He taught that we must go to him to get to God. His tricks all hid one truth….that he was cast out of his family and has been disgruntled ever since. I will join his team….you should too. At least he showed himself….God just hides.
    Oh, and by the way…the same assholes that wrote the bible…are the same assholes that control the stock market and our world. WAKE UP

  11. Andrew you are 100% right it is true, , you could add me on Facebook, (Johnny be christ like) I would like to ask you some question about it

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