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Police Want ICE Powers

US police departments would like to be more fascist and racist. Papers please. Ben Mankiewicz, Brett Erlich, and Amberia Allen, hosts of The Young Turks, discuss. Tell us what you think in the comment section below.

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“Dozens of local police departments are reportedly checking the immigration status of people they arrest as part of the Trump administration’s crackdown on undocumented immigrants, according to a Reuters investigation through a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request.

Since Trump’s inauguration in January, 29 police departments have joined a federal program that grants local law enforcement authorities the authority to question and to detain suspected undocumented immigrants and turn them over to federal authorities for potential deportation proceedings. An additional 38 jurisdictions told Reuters that they had already applied or were “potentially interested” in joining the program, known as 287(g). The number of interested jurisdictions was not previously reported, according to the publication.”*

Hosts: Ben Mankiewicz, Brett Erlich, Amberia Allen

Cast: Ben Mankiewicz, Brett Erlich, Amberia Allen


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  1. This isn't about following immigration law, this would bestow local police with sweeping federal powers, basically making them an extension of the federal government. This would give them the power to ask anybody, that includes people of European, Asian, African, and of course, Latin American descent for their papers.

    This not only destroys due process, it would be unconstitutional because I assure you in places like a California it would be implemented unfairly and unevenly. What I mean by that is that illegal Asian immigrants will not be stopped at nowhere near the rate as people that look "Mexican."

    It would be something that would be declared unconstitutional by courts around the country anyway.

    I agree that illegal immigration is by definition, illegal and it should be stopped and/or prevented. But please read stuff concerning our constitutional rights and understand that those should never be infringed upon just to make the job of One federal agency easier. Have a spine and educate yourselves please.

  2. Why go after immigrants when %90 of are here for work. Arrest business owners that employ immigrants for cheap labor costs and the problem is solved. Raise min wage to $18 an hour like in Australia, the only country in the world that has not had an economic downturn in 30 years. With a descent min wage and Americans doing the work you will have a lot of extra money pouring into the economy!

  3. Tyt go home, nobody wants to pay for criminals, illegal aliens are just that. I wish they would protect /serve I pay tax money so they enforce the laws,apparently just on Americans not illegal aliens.

  4. The real problem is the illegal aliens get arrested for something braking the law then the police know that there illegal and still turn them lose. That's like turning a killer back out just because you think his/her rights would be violated when really they gave them up when they got arrested. So DEPORT DEPORT DEPORT.

  5. Mexicans cross over the border to get jobs like cleaning toilets, picking up fruit and collecting garbage. Undocumented, please stop taking these jobs from donald supporters! Mexicans, have no shame, stealing the only jobs donald supporters can get.

    Tsk tsk tsk, Shame on you Mexicans. Shame on you. Stealing the American dream from Donald supporters.


  6. 1) Nothing wrong with police enforcing the law.

    2) "Bring me some Mexicans" can be racist or not. Just like everything else, it depends on context.

  7. Who else came here illegally? Hmm.. every single european.

    At least Mexicans are indigenous to this continent.
    Mexicans should start arresting and deporting mofos back to europe

  8. Police can't have ICE powers. Immigration violations fall under civil law. The police shouldn't enforce civil law. This is the same as police handling insults or defamation cases.

  9. Aren’t these the “jack booted thugs” conservatives have warned us about for decades? Oh wait, it’s cool because these “law enforcement” officers hate the same people they hate so it’s ok 🙄

  10. I am on the right. Allow me to express my outrage.
    Don't let the door hit you in the ass on the way out because I don't want ass prints on my door.

    seriously, wtf? They can check your entire background when they arrest you, but OH NO, not my country of origin.

    Indeed I am against FEDERAL overreach, but you've just stated that STATE level deputies can OPTIONALLY enroll in this system. Plus it would actually fund people who are actually having to deal with this problem, ie I don't think small town missouri will be able to sustain their department just on ICE detainees.

    Whatever you do…don't look into the crime rates in Maricopa county before and after sherrif Joe…

    Ummm…no, you are retarded. Mexican isn't a race. Just like Texan isn't a race, just like Australian isn't a race. Latino, hispanic, sure, if we are being vague about it. But would sheriff joe (the super racist according to you) have been happy if, after that statement, a whole bunch of legal mexican immigrants had been brought…or would he have been happy if a whole bunch of illegal mexican immigrants were brought in. There's your answer.

    Couldn't possibly be that LA and New York are like, massive centers of wealth redistribution for political power? Nor would they be bastions of illegal migrants? Nor would these be entirely democrat working plantations? oh wait…it's like theirs a trend or something.

    "People who don't live in cities are racist" said the bigot.

    Massively overshadows the problem?! Hey numb nuts, let's hit some numbers

    Population of Mexico: 127 million ~ 2016
    Population of Illegal immigrants residing in the US: 10-20 million ~ 2016 depending on source
    Population of Illegal immigrants that are Mexican Nationals ~1/2
    That's between ~ 4%- 15% of MEXICO'S CITIZENS LIVE IN THE US.

    That doesn't even account for children of people who are here illegally, who should by any sane metric be counted as Mexican Nationals as well. Back that out of the last 20 years and you will see that this is a MAJOR issue for some place and a SIGNIFICANT issue for most places in the southern half of the country.

  11. Police should stop everyone who isn't white to make sure everything is in order, Brown people tend to be criminals…and smell really bad

  12. the most crazy part about this is that you see about as many latino cops as white cops discriminating and profiling hispanic and latino American citizens just on the clothing theyre wearing and physical appearance.. just like ICE

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