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Police Officer Uses Basketball To Build Trust Between Cops And Communities | NowThis

A viral video of this police officer playing basketball with local kids sparked an entire movement.
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Officer Bob White is using basketball to bring cops and communities together.

In 2016, White was on patrol in Gainsville, Florida when he got a call about kids playing basketball in the street. When he arrived at the scene, instead of admonishing them, the officer started shooting hoops with them. The original dashcam footage of him playing with kids went viral nationwide, and was watched 13 million times on NowThis alone.

“So it was kind of, to me, like disappointing that people all over the world think that this is not your ordinary American police officer,” said White. “And at the same time, people started sending basketball goals, basketballs to the police department, saying, ‘Go do this again. Officer White, go do this in another neighborhood. Go, you know, we wanna see more of this.’”

Two years later, the officer has taken the viral moment and built a lasting legacy. He started the Basketball Cop Foundation, which helps bring law enforcement and communities together by donating basketball hoops to police departments across the country as well as building basketball courts in multiple Florida cities. With the help of his girlfriend, White runs the foundation all while keeping his full-time job as a Gainsville officer.  

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  1. That is cool and all, but why not push for police reform in order to hold accountable those who abuse of their power and reduce racial prejudice of law enforcement? Unless real measures are taken by the "good" cops this is just public relations.

  2. This is just one example of the kind of people that the vast majority of cops are like. They are not the enemy of the people that lefty libs and media try to convince us they are. And the good that they do and the sacrifices they make everyday, all across the country, rarely get mentioned. Thank you!

  3. BEAUTIFUL AND POWERFUL. We should all reach out to our urban brothas and sistas using basketball and grape drank.

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