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Police and NASA supporters clash ahead of Raila Odinga’s return

Police and NASA supporters clash ahead of Raila Odinga’s return

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  1. Both Kibaki and Raila stole votes in 2007. Only that one of them stole more votes. Raila isn't innocent as he claims. He was just beat to the stealing.

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  3. Namwamba hana tofauti na mwanamke mwnye anataka bwana ya wenyewe kwa kujimbendekeza…uyu jamaa amekua zaidi ya shangingi

  4. We understand that nobody wanted to meet this Raila in US He'll tell us impt people he met.they were Akombe(the UN teagirl) Martin Ngatia of KRA,Sam Lone,who negotiated meetings with a senator only to be given 15mins over lunch hour.The man is desperate.Orengo &company are taking advantage of this man's desperation….

  5. Farah is right, there is no electoral justice in this country and this is what needs to be fixed, at this point we can't really tell if really either Uhuru or Raila is right, we need to have a clear formula that shows clearly somebody won to avoid this chaos ongoing in this country currently

  6. First of all Uhuru the killer needs to return the hand(msando's) so that we can start the healing process through SECESSION!!

  7. Very good point Maalim. Continous rigging of elections is not a good for our country. We look uncivilized yet we should be progressing by ensuring our elections are credible. If we want credible leaders we must have a credible election. I urge Kenyans to look at the problems we have in Kenya. Thinking the current stalemate is just about some people or between Luos and Kikuyus is missing the point. We are all affected by the escalating corruption, discrimination, killings etc. We should stand for our democracy and letting the government to encourage such acts is not a way of development. Nobody is holding the looters accountable etc. If people love Uhuru they should advise him to get rid of such people in his government. What has happened makes him look a bad leader and this is not good for this country.

  8. mentu Hotep you say first uhuru kiling 2007 Raila aritoa funjo tukapotesa watu wetu 2013 same same wewe ndie killing don't ganged we need peace not hate Raila but nyenye ana fanya inabidi kama huyesi huesi tungenesa kuako ata outside you can't make

  9. How do you know odinga/shetani amerudi kenya
    _watu waanze kukufa
    _increased tribal hatred and tension
    _businesses loss
    _endless chanting

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