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Phillies fans react to Bin Laden news with “USA” chant

Word spreads that Bin Laden is dead and fans react! GO USA AND PHILLIES!

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  1. One of the coolest moments in recent memory.  I'm a proud Canadian but am jealous of the american spirit and patriotism.  USA! USA! USA!

  2. why all them messicans cheering for bin laden? yo essé, yo essé, yo essé, yo essé, yo essé, yo essé, yo essé, yo essé,… bin laden mates with the messicans?

  3. 😀 … And Yankees from Texas ruled out colonel Gaddafi that year, funny to watch cause it´s getting better and better … 😀

  4. This is why the US is the greatest country on earth. Not because of those fucking liberal, social justice warrior Berkeley-type pussies, but because of the real patriots who love their country and respect the constitution above all.

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