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PETER SCHIFF Warns: (June 4,2018) US Debt Crisis Coming !!

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Report Date: June 2018

Peter SCHIFF – Debt Crisis ;

Are You Prepared For The Coming Economic Collapse And The Next Great Depression ?

Economic collapse and financial crisis is rising any moment. Getting informed about financial collapse and economic crisis may earn you, or prevent to lose money.

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  1. Make America great again, is it after the collapse? How is Trump going to explain when the economy implodes.?

  2. "The key to financial well-being is learning. Like understanding the importance of…" Not believing government and MSM propaganda.

  3. A shameless copy of Peter Schiff's podcast from a few days ago with a misleading date.
    You put a date June 4th 2018, but literally the first sentence of the podcast is "Today is the 1st of June" ?!?
    At least put a link to the guy's channel and the correct date, so that people don't waste their time!

  4. Aint it funny how the sky is always falling. I guess these Precious Metals dealers think its good for business.

  5. Reagan, GWB, and Trump all slashed taxes while at the same time allowing spending to zoom up. Predictably, ultra massive budget deficits followed. I'm all for tax cuts, BUT they MUST be paired with slashed spending or disaster will follow.

  6. Great!! Let this nation crumble to pieces. Its been raking in the doe off the backs of slaves for centuries & the working stiff for several decades. I hope it comes a lot sooner than later.

  7. Mr. Schiff, as you know, the private debt is one thing and the federal "debt" is another, especially since we the people can, we the people have in the past and we the people will continue in the future to electronically generate the monies needed to meet federal expenditures when there are insufficient funds in the U.S. Treasury from our federal income tax system (deficit spending) which of course means that our federal deficit is irrelevant which means we do not have a federal "debt"; It is a pretend debt. Just to put a fine point on the issue; the private financial sector cannot, under penalty of law, electronically generate monies. They can "leverage" their monies (loan more than they have on deposit) but no "printing" monies. Another obvious flaw, if you will, is that we the people never make any monies in profit from our Treasury securities (bonds); we just sell the bonds (pretend when it is to ourselves) and spend the monies which should be illegal and all banking measures should and soon will be privatized but in the private sector, as you know, they have to make a profit or they are bankrupt, unless we the people electronically generate the monies to bail them out. Ironic!?!?!? I hope everyone who reads this will read my quintessential book on this subject and a whole lot more, titled, (*revised 2nd edition*) "All About Equity Spending… With a Love Story". Even you Mr. Schiff. P.O.O.F.O.O.S.I.E.

  8. One of the reasons that USA built automobiles are LESS in demand is that US cars include a severe 'up-charge' on their cost/sell price due to 'tacked-on' union pension costs …. typically in the range of $4000 per vehicle (as per ~2008) and which adds NOTHING to the intrinsic value of that automobile. This means that a US (union) built auto (@ $40k cost) is really only 'worth' $36k in 'true' physical value.

  9. The economy will collapse but solely because of these economically brain dead tariffs. For years after it will part of socialist and keynesian rhetoric, blaming lower taxes and deregulation and the free market. It's just a matter of if Trump stays out of the way and lets the economy recover itself (as he should) but he won't. It'll be bailouts, subsidies, and nonsense make work programs and stimulus packages that'll lengthen the recession or depression.

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