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Peter continues his ongoing rant against stimulus packages, bailouts and increased government debt. Peter goes on to say, once again, that saving is the prudent action at this time, continued spending will result in the propping up of these failing companies.

CNN claims to lose the signal and the interview ends prematurely.

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  1. The Principle Shareholders of the Federal Reserve
    Rothschild Banks of England and Berlin
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  2. Any one with half a brain knows that all these bailouts are doing is delay the shitstorm for later down the track and it will be even worse because of higher debt.
    Just let the companies that will fail,fail.
    The fact is,America is bankrupt and is living high on the hog of the borrowings from other country's and it needs to stop now!

  3. Well no not only the zionists, I mean the media corporations are owned by only a few people – that's always dangerous. If you have less than 10 people who have absolute power over the content then I'd say its problematic.

  4. People don't like the truth….hence Peter Schiff being cut-off by the Corporate Media…..let's keep the banker's rich by cutting off people who speak the truth…..and of course, somehow, during the ENTIRE broadcast it goes bad when Peter starts talking about the FED and their nonsense….of course, must be a coincidence…..what a joke!!

  5. People need to understand…Peter isn't saying there is an easy solution to this mess…he's saying the only thing that could make it worse is to go EVEN DEEPER into debt by propping up companies that, for one reason or another, can't make a profit. They need to fail, and unemployment will be huge for a while, while these unemployed workers try to re-enter the workforce seeking jobs with profitable companies doing jobs that are actually NEEDED at COMPETITIVE WAGES.

  6. Yes, watching the unemployment rate go up another 1/2 percent overnight is horrible, but it doesn't have to be this way – – – let all companies compete with their OWN money, and they will make sure to stay lean and competitive on their own.

  7. If you let them get this fat, lazy, non-competitive and out of touch, then of course you'll end up with a huge amount of people in unnecessary jobs. Just look around you. But that's no reason to keep them operating, just for the hell of it (or in the name of job retention). We need to grow up and learn to compete, and no excuses.

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  9. so what if Americans have to suffer for the right reasons… It's a good lesson to learn. We need to reward the right behaviours, otherwise we are toast… Looks like that is what the government wants anyway…

  10. The Schiff's, LOL don't we know who they are,? are we still blind. Abolish them all, and LUCIFER will rule. The Lady said, we dont make anything to sell, the CHINA does the Slave Labour NOW. The EDOMITES did the Slave Labour in the past, now China deos it and the world buy the Goods, and claim to be interested in HUMAN rights, LOL people.

  11. World News: Revolt and Fighting in South East Europe because we're giving them guns and missiles.

    World News: Revolt and Fighting in South East Europe because we're yapping on and on about Government Policy when we're the ones Colonizing and causing all these problems.

    World News: Revolt and Fighting in South East Europe because we refuse to stop the Fake and shut down everything.

  12. Not only did they intentionally cut him off, the reporter knew it was intentional. look at her expression after she reads the prompter after he gets cut. then she double positives (a pork pie indicator) with a very unconvincing 'these things happen'. Question is, not who pushed the red button, but who made the call.

  13. Technical problems my ass!!! This man and others like him need to be in Congress and in the White House!!! $50 billion bailout for GM?! Give a few million Americans the down payment for a GM car!!

  14. Pieter Schiff is suicidal. If happens what he says both the Banking people as well as the Pentagon as well as 250+ million hysterical americans will LYNCH him. The guy is going to die and pretty horribly as well.

  15. AmeriKKKa isn't the only western world country to NEED an industrial revolution! The Disunited kingDOOM could do with one as well… caMORON get out of the fucking way and let us get on with it…

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