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Peter Jennings’ Final TV Sign-Off

This clip aired on the final day that the honored ABC World News Tonight anchor Peter Jennings ever appeared again on television (5th April 2005). This is the day Jennings went public that he had been diagnosed with lung cancer; sadly, he passed away that upcoming August, he never again was well enough to anchor the broadcast. Jennings was the best anchor in the history of American television news, and certainly one of the best journalists of all time; he shall be greatly missed.

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  1. Peter Jennings was a great news reporter. We learned the facts from him and could make decisions based on that. Today there is a lot of non-news, all fluff, and no substance. He is still missed. Unfortunately people still smoke. It is bad enough to breath dirty air from cars, industry, or forest fires but to willfully inhale smoke into your lungs is crazy.

  2. LOOOOL!! YOU FUCKING JEWS! I didn't know that he died! Of course cancer… I just knew it!
    The only one who asked: "WHERE DID THE TOWERS GO!!?"

  3. and when you think about news today how they lied to America it's incredible this man would have never done it. I want you all to go to Justice Seekers America immediately or on Flipboard Facebook Instagram and a whole lot more including YouTube this is a National Security emergency.

  4. May he rest in PEACE! Peter Jennings, such a class act, truly. Someone wrote below if Peter Jennings knew what's happened to World News Tonight, he would cry. I agree. The women competing for his job, the man just died, made a mockery of his Humanity by their despicable behavior, particularly Diane Sawyer, not a single one of them could hold a candle to him, the incompetence just mind boggling. Jennings, the last of the real class acts concerning the news: we got the truth, without narcissistic, overblown egos, buffoonery, and an obvious (and rather vulgar) display of bias. He would be sickened by the 2016 general election, no doubt in my mind. REST IN PEACE, PETER JENNINGS!! Such a class act, You are missed, truly an icon of days gone by….so sad…. The last shred of integrity regarding the news died with you. <3

  5. Peter Jennings was a class act! From the time i was a little boy, my family watched ABCNews exclusively. We watched many channels during big news events, especially 9-11. I was saddened by Peter's passing in '05. it doesn't feel like 12 years has passed. May he R.I.P. I wonder what Peter would say about Obama's 2 terms as POTUS. I REALLY wonder what he. would say about Trump being POTUS.

  6. I miss Peter Jennings–damn fine journalist!!! Cry every time I watch this final sign off. Rest in heavenly peace. Eternal love.

  7. Man, for the most part he seems outwardly so positive and upbeat, but even Jennings could not hide the sadness that seeps thru…

  8. Many people around the WTC site have or will get cancer, I think that combined with smoking did in Peter. Usually people have symptoms for years before they get checked, but his voice was good until the last 6 months of his life.

  9. The James Bond of network news. No nonsense man and easy on the eye. Today mostly flunkies tho I don't think he would be too disappointed in David Muir but his like will never be seen again.

  10. Peter u missed man there will be other good anchors n years to come but u was one of the best n world news thank you sir rest on amen!

  11. god dammit and i have a husband like this. 🙁 fuck you all to hell! not fair. i remember this. and now look? soo close with the advancements and then asshole politicians trying to truncate it. shame.

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