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Parvati Devi (Music) on CTS National News

Parvati Devi is interviewed on CTS, It is always good news with Connie Smith. Parvati had just returned from the Northern most part of Canada, KMs from the Magnetic North Pole at the tip of the High Arctic, Ward Hunt Island.

Parvati talks about the ecological climate crisis, her call to action and why she put her tour on hold to go to the Arctic to become the first singer to ever perform this far North. This Canadian musician performed songs to help bring awareness that our planet is suffering and that we can make a difference.

Parvati went to the North Arctic with Satish Sikha who also set a world record with his mile long Eco Green Silk Message.

This news article aired October 15, 2010 across Canada on the CTS network. The news article also unveils a glimpse of the first music video 911-1-L-O-V-E performed at the Magnetic North Pole and soon to be released.

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