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Part 2-Raj Thackeray’s 1st Interview on National News Channel (Times Now)

Raj Thackeray’s 1st Interview on National (India) News Channel Times Now. Please watch this with an unbiased mind.

Blogger, Performer, Truck Driver, Serial Careerist, Cigarette Butt Collector. Let me bitch at you every day until you sort your shit.



  2. part–1
    This man is absolutely right. What is wrong?
    If he is doing something for his homeland,
    This is India,
    great Bartratn Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar who wrote the Constitution of India here not only left,
    his interest in that country if one fights, So he reads all this to endure,
    I am not Raj Compare to Dr Babasaheb.
    Many people like him……. if we are steadfast on the suit today

  3. If its that way then,
    Lalu and Mayawati can rid their state of poverty too..
    Why dont you think of it that way then.
    Hes a rich guy cz hes a big shot builder in Bombay and he will use his money for elections…

  4. @TheSam7866 Hello Mr.whosoever u r.. I totally disagree on your point…!!! Please look into more information on Mananiya Raj Thackeray, nd thus his followers will increase…!!! He's a man of worth, he's a new face of maharashtra politics..!! Ani jarka nota chapaichya astil na, tar itar khup dhande ahet je pawar, shinde etc.loka kartaat.. Saheb nahi..!!!
    Raj Sahebanna Manacha mujra..!!

  5. This man definitely is driving the moral and ethical standards down by a century, with his facist agenda. Why is he just always angry about migrants? I think his agenda would have been a lot better if he said, he would empower the 'allegedlly oppressed' marati workforce by improving their educational standards and making them competent in the job market, rather than going after the blood of competent migrant workers.

  6. I just believe that, If you want a Job then Be perfect for the job. Study well. Get good marks. Get good degree. Then say I M PERFECT.

  7. @dawnstardhruv …dear aai ghalya, tu khud apni ma ki boli lagata hoga! ye kahte hue bhi mujhe ghin ati hai tumhari!khabardar agar iske age kuch faltu ki baat ki!

  8. I agree on some issues of raj thackrey!!But migration is good for the economy of a state provided the migration is of well educated and innovative people!!If all the poor people and farmers leave villages and start coming to cities for a better life then over all standard of living of the people and that of the state reduces and the state or the province may progress slowly!!Hence it is very essential that the population explosion that is occurring in UP and Bihar should be controlled!!

  9. Jai Ho Raj Thackeray aur unke Bhaiyya Logan ki..Rauva ke Bahot bahot Dhanvaad..Saale ee Humri baat naikhe Jaanel ba…Baaki sab Ekdum Badhiya Ba…..

  10. Planning Commission reports –
    90 percent population is living under USD 2.
    50 percent population earns less than INR 20.
    58000 crores worth of grain rots every year.
    More than 1 million farmers have committed suicide.
    Players in commodity exchange earned 10 Lakh Crores vs actual delivery of 3460 crores, means 99 percent was earned by players in market.

    Inflation of China/Malasia, etc is lessThan 3 percent, India Food Inflation moreThan 17percent
    50 percent children victim of malnutrition

  11. @ vkdentertaintment666: are Mitraa… Mee pan Raj Thackeray hyanchaa motha chahtaa aahe…Krupaya Gairsamaj karun gheu nakos..Raj Thackeray Zindabaad…Raj saaahab aage badho,,Anna Hazaare se bhi……jo ki abhi limelight me hai….:)

  12. @TheArunsingh1

    This is the problem I have with such views. Every time a legitimate concern is raised, you say – don't spread hate. You wrongly make me look communal AND you confuse the issue. Everyone should be welcome everywhere. But wherever you live, adopt the language and culture of the region. 90% of the people from UP/Bihar, wherever they go, cannot speak a word of the local language. This attitude should change. Empathy for someone's culture should spread both ways. It is not one way.

  13. @TheArunsingh1

    Wrong! And its about time that you get educated. Hindi is NOT the national language. It is an official language – just like Marathi or Bengali. The fact that's its spoken more widely doesn't make it more national. You are no more national than I am. Why is it not important to him? Is language only about convenience for you? Go somewhere, make your money and come back? Language represents the culture of the region. By speaking the local language, you adopt the local culture.

  14. @TheArunsingh1

    And if everyone does according to what he or she feels convenient, by that logic, all regional languages should perish and only Hindi should survive? Is that what you want? You propagate a culture by doing it, by speaking it and trying to [preserve customs and traditions. Unity in Diversity – that's what Nehru said. Adopt Marathi as if it were your own because we are also part of India. Otherwise the efforts of artists who have contributed to regional culture, will all die

  15. @TheArunsingh1

    It may or may not be vote bank politics. I am not a fan of Raj Thackeray if he beats up people. I don't care about the underworld. My point is extremely simple – wherever you go, adopt the culture of the region. If you live in Mumbai for 35 years and cannot speak a word of Marathi, then you are trying to spread hatred by sending a message to the locals – I am here to make money, for a job. You speak my language. I don't care about Marathi language, folk culture or history!

  16. @TheArunsingh1

    You are missing the point. Speaking Marathi dosen't have to be at cost of Hindi. I will fight as much as for the Hindi as I will for the Marathi because I am Indian. But Hindi dosen't require protection. Its Marathi because fewer people are speaking it. You are right – you have the legal freedom to not speak Marathi. But this isn't about legalities, is it? You have the legal right to spit on the street too? But there is a long term cost you will pay for it. The cost is..

  17. @TheArunsingh1

    The cost is that Marathi will eventually die out. And you see that happening. So as an Indian, YOU (as much as the local) have a moral (not legal) obligation to protect it through use and practice. I should not have to force people to speak Marathi like Raj Tahckeray does. You should know it yourself because you are an Indian FIRST and so you are about not only Hindi, but also Marathi and Tamil. If you don't then you are implicitly dividing the country.

  18. @TheArunsingh1

    No it may not be private property but believe me, Marathi literary culture is dying. And so its the responsibility of ALL Indians to protect it, ESPECIALLY the ones who live here. UP and Bihar culture dosen't need to be protected today because there are just so many of you. Its not an immediate emergency. Butwhat is happening in Mumbai is that it is flooded with migrants. Which is ok! Economic migration is a reliaty, But if migrants cannot adapt,

  19. @TheArunsingh1

    eventually the locals would be squeezed out. Fewer people will know the laguage and that would be the end. The efforts of so many authors and literary artists will be laid to absolute waste. No one will read them ever. sad. Not just true of Maharashtra, but also some states like Goa. The Goan culture is also dying and more so due to migration than the Mumbai problem

  20. @TheArunsingh1

    Absolutely not. Marathis are as much responsible as the Bhaiya. (btw many Muslims speak excellent Marathi – go to the coastal areas). You should not enforce anything. But if it comes to a point where you see nothing but eventual death of a culture in the future, then you will have a Thackeray trying to address the issue in his own crude way. You may not like it. But it will happen. But Marathis at least speak Marathi, so there is an implicit check. Most Bhaiya can't speak a word

  21. @TheArunsingh1

    You are right. Bhaiyyas are soft targets because most are poor – that's a truth. But there is another truth floating out there – that Bhaiyyas can't speak Marathi after living for 30-35 years. That is worrying. Get rid of the second and you won't have retards like Raj Thackeray trying to beat up taxi drivers. Don't give them an opportunity for them to do vote bank politics.

  22. @TheArunsingh1

    Says who? You have a moral obligation to adopt the culture you live in. And language is a central part of the culture. You don't have to change your religion if you move to dubai. Just like you don't have to give up Hindi to speak Marathi. But you do have to be able to speak Arabic if you intend to settle there for the rest of your life. Otherwise everyone will go to Dubai, become 90% of the population and yet not be held responsible for Dubai culture.

  23. @TheArunsingh1

    Protecting Marathi culture is not the responsibility of ONLY Marathis. But also other communities living there. Did you not say that we are Indians FIRST? Yes. Is Marathi not a part of India? Yes. Is Marathi not dying? Yes. So if a culture is dying, being an Indian FIRST, should we not concerned as all Indians that a culture is dying. And esp so if you live in the same city. If you go to Dubai and see a fire burning, are you going to say: It is the Arab's problem and not yours?

  24. @TheArunsingh1

    What Bombay needs as a city is just a different issue. I just don't buy the crap that just coz Bombay infrastructure is limited that we don' allow migrants. That's silly. My objection is to the narrow point of being in a place for three decades and living there as a foreigner trying to make your buck, partaking its beauty while being conveniently insensitive to the social cultural issues plaguing that place. No laws against that. But it is just not nice

  25. @TheArunsingh1

    There are a lakh persons moving into Mumbai almost every month (mostly from UP/Bihar) and none of them are ever going to make an attempt to learn the language. You're still not listening. No one is stopping from practicing YOUR culture. But adopt other cultures too. Is that so hard esp if you lived there for three decades? Rajnikanth is a Marathi, moved to TN as a teenager, now speaks fluent Tamil and considers himself TAMIL! That's called national integration!!!!

  26. @TheArunsingh1

    I do not disagree with the video. But the emphasis in that was – what drives prosperity? My question is different – how does one preserve ethnic culture within a diverse society? We already have legal/economic freedom, so we will prosper – that's not a problem. What we don't have is a sensitization to culture. We need to preserve diversity if we need to unite this diverse country. Language is an element of diversity. If we don't resolve this, we will be prosperous but divided.

  27. @TheArunsingh1

    We are already seeing evidence of it. India has never been more prosperous in its history due to economic freedom since 1991 with a reasonably strong legal system. Yet we are also probably more divided than we ever were. Do not underestimate the value of cultural sensitivities in a prosperous society.

  28. We need someone like Raj (villain) to make the government work… I think we have had enough of the scams and a lot of money has been lost, thanks to INC/NCP/BSP/DMK etc… People need hope and Raj seems to give it… He must change his agenda though…

  29. The thing i hate about Raj thackeray is when he talks about Youth of Maharashtra,he talks about Marathi youth and not all the youth who were born to tax payer families here of all origin.

  30. @indianmuvees
    I am with him on it if all his followers know the difference between a maharashtrian and marathi.I am not that fluent in marathi but I understand it very well,I can speak to an extent too.So tomorrow,A marathi man will tell me you are a migrant,that doesn't go well with me.I belong here and this is my hometown.He maybe knowing the difference but majority of his followers don't know it and he isn't making it that clear to them.

  31. What the hell are REAL problems? And who the fvck are you to decide what a real problem is? A diminishing of a culture is a REAL problem in any part of the world. Everything is not measured in terms of GDP growth, per capita income and money. Well IF its my responsibility to preserve my culture, then it is ALSO my responsibility to kick you out of the state. Because you and your ilk are flooding Maharashtra without making an attempt to assimilate.

  32. You azzholes amaze me. You want to own Mumbai but you don't fvcking have the decency to acknowledge it is your responsibility to protect a culture in which YOU RESIDE. That means I came come to UP and pee all over UP and then expect YOU to clean my piss because it is not my responsibility to protect UP. Is that ok? Listen like your UP'ites – We cannot compete with you in terms of baby production and then flood other states with them. Its no wonder people like Raj Thackeray arise

  33. The emperor of the Klux Klux Klan in India…..Raj Thackrey…if he was a true Indian he should have given the interview in Hindi……Please like this must be hanged in public…just spreading hatred for their own gain….

  34. waste fellows marathi people how people like they are backboneless, see tamil nadu 10% north indians 30% telgu dog 18 % Kannada big but still 100% is tamil only speaking because they adopted North Indians Have bear and open mind person that why they develop well Marathis lick north indians dick see 85% people is marathi in belaguam but they couldnt get back to maharashtra stupid fellows where you brave of marathi shivaji you r grand son of shivaji still licking other dick ?

  35. so there u have it. u have answered ur own question. he supports neone who respects marathi n maharashtra. simple.

  36. i don undersstand y ppl thnk theres something wrong wid wat he says. infact everyone from every state shd b like him. give interviews in thier own language. give importance to thier own state first. n the simple thing is if everyone gives importance to thier own state first n develops it. then the whole country gets developed. if u put the problems of the entire country on ur own head… then its too much to handle. first develop ur own state. country will automatically develop.

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