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Panic Attack on Live Television | ABC World News Tonight | ABC News

ABC anchor Dan Harris’ on air panic attack and his lesson for you. Good Morning America’s Dan Harris sits down with Dianne Sawyer to discuss not only his personal journey but the journey of many countless individuals that suffer from panic attacks.
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  1. I had a panic attack in one of my classes back in college. It was soooo embarrassing. When I have a panic attack, the top of my head starts to go numb and it slowly moves all the way down my body on one side and I start to think I'm having a stroke or something. So, after about 10-15 seconds of this I jumped up and ran out of the classroom and by the time I was out of the building I realized it was just (another) panic attack. I called my mom and told her I needed her to talk to me because I knew I was having a panic attack but I felt like I was going to die, so I needed her to just talk to me until I calmed down enough to go back inside. Anyone who has them knows it takes several hours to actually get over one. That particular time it was over 24 hours before I was 100%. These things are not fun. Luckily my professor knew what was happening because her son has them, so she was really understanding and even sent me an email that night asking if I needed a referral to her son's doctor.

  2. calm down!

    My advice would be is that you have to reprogram your mind.
    if you can do it correctly you will never get anxiety attacks again. (or extremely rarely if not done right)
    remember its all just chemical reactions happening in your brain nothing more.

    understanding why or how is this happening helps a lot.

    don't worry about not being happy: being happy comes naturally don't FORCE it.
    (in fact not worrying about not being happy might make you happy) see?

    Mind > Feelings:
    as in don't run away from the source of anxiety BUT deal with it, understand it solve it and give it time.

    if you suffer from scrupulosity:

    is a form of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) involving religious or moral obsessions. Scrupulous individuals are overly concerned that something they thought or did might be a sin or other violation of moral doctrine. (fear of Hell for the religious)

    if you are religious
    you might want to consider leaving your faith and THEN dealing with it. (the guilt will kill you), not really…..

    THEN by dealing with it: change your life's perspective and philosophy (optimistic nihilism might help, or any other philosophy)

    give it time, it will heal…

  3. I was 10 or 11 when i first had my panic attack we were performing at a festival and i had to introduce our group and i remember standing there, frozen i didnt know what to say or what to do but luckily the host of the festival came up to me and asked me easy questions, ot was all good from there but i'll never forget how embarassed i was.

  4. I like the title 10% happer because it sound realistic and not like 100% that sound like 100% bullshit and when you suffer panic attacks real one not the ones ware people think there having 1 10% is awesome anything that is going up unstead of down

  5. it sucks, and if u have anxiety like me. Its like I cant even make arrangements or go in a Dr's office BECAUSE lol I have anxiety. LOL. Sucks cuz I know it can be treated and its ruining my life not having access to treatment. Its like being n prison in my place fucking just worthless.. Sucks.

  6. That just gave me aids.That was the worst, most humiliating day of your life? Dude it was barely noticeable. Your life must be pristine. Try having a real panic attack and give me a call after that, jackass.

  7. I've got to say that takes a lot of courage to face up to your fear like that. I've had more than a couple panic attacks, some of the worst in my life, after smoking pot. (Nothing against cannabis) so if that's what he was on when it happened on air, he did a great job keeping his composure. Cuz that's a strong instinct to fight, especially on camera.

  8. I’m gonna save some people some time, now if you are having them a lot or a little I recommend talking to your doctor and getting some hydroxyzine firm your doctor. I promise you it will help you 100% I promise you when you take it you won’t have anymore, of course not just once, twice a day, now I’m not a doctor but this is what my doctor prescribed me and since I’ve taken it I haven’t had a single one

  9. Mine happen for no apparent reason
    They are kinda like seizures
    I know it’s happening
    I tell my hubby it’s happening and I just……

  10. Panic attacks are scary but not dangerous. For anyone suffering panic and anxiety I recommend you read "Dare" by Barry McDonagh. He teaches you to lose the fear of the fear by saying "so what" instead of "what if. Check him out on YouTube

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