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Palestinians protest ahead of U.S. Embassy in Jerusalem

More than 40 Palestinian protesters have been killed by Israeli fire as outcry mounts ahead of the U.S. Embassy’s opening in Jerusalem.

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  1. This is yet another international agreement broken by the Trump administration for no other reason than The Donald woke up one morning and decided he wanted to do it. Thirty-seven more Palestinians were murdered in the streets this morning by the Zionist butchers for protesting the relocation of this stupid embassy. How many more innocent Palestinian men, women and children must be slaughtered by the bigoted theocratic state of Israel before the world does something about it? How many more Palestinian homes will be bulldozed to the ground and their lands stolen by thieving Jews? What has been done to non-Jews in Palestine is a massive crime against humanity and one day the Zionists will pay dearly for it.

  2. Terrorists keep charging the border and attempting violence against Israel are going to continue to be injured or killed. It's a very simple concept, and if they can't follow the law, oh well. They won't receive my sympathy.

  3. Yes, yes….keep commenting in your ignorance liberal snowflakes! Bill Clinton, George Bush Jr. and Obama were ALL in favor of moving the Embassy to Jerusalem, but they were all cowards! President Trump said he would do this during his campaign, and he DID IT! As far as Palisterrorists are concerned……they were warned!

  4. No such thing as palestine or palestinians. Haven't been for a while now. And before anyone disagrees, point to it on a map made after 1950.

  5. What a sad day for Dark Skin Palestine. Ive warn Dark Skinned Palestinians about showing up to a "peace deal" while still being on the menu. The fake royals of Saudis have sold Dark Skin Palestine to the kikes. Palestine disposable to the arab world. when kikes outsourced their "population control techniques" to the nazis I knew kikes not to be trusted. kikes sacrifice their own, so what makes you all certain that you all arent next. And shows zionism infiltrated US govt. Are Americans slaves for Israel? As Ive said before when a world war is started itll have jew origins. Dark Skin Palestine #neverforgot who warn & who participated in your demise. Fight & dont settle for settlements. Turn Israel into an occupational hazard. Drive them to the sea. Then march on saudis.

  6. Palestine control whats happening at the border. This isnt a peaceful protest. Tired of the news making this Israel problem. Israel attacked everyday and the media acts like they cant defend themselves.

  7. The Palestinians are similiar to the dreamers in the US. They think they have a right to be here and all feel we owe them something.

  8. This was a GREAT move by the US. The Palistinians are just coming off as butt-hurt bitches. Much like Libtards in the US.

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