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‘Our Cancer Drug Is For Rich Westerners, Not Poor Indians’

“In 2005, the FDA granted approval for a promising new cancer-fighting drug called Nexavar. Bayer took it to market shortly thereafter, and it is currently an approved treatment for late-stage kidney and liver cancer.

That is, so long as you live in the developed world. In a recently published interview in Bloomberg Businessweek, Bayer CEO Marijn Dekkers said that his company’s drug isn’t for poor people.

“We did not develop this medicine for Indians…we developed it for western patients who can afford it,” he said back in December. The quote is quickly making its way across Indian news outlets.

The comment was in response to a decision by an Indian patent court that granted a compulsory license to a local company to reproduce Bayer’s drug.”* The Young Turks hosts Cenk Uygur and Ana Kasparian break it down.

*Read more here from Adam Peck / Think Progress:

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  1. Western people perhaps do not know that how powerful in INDIAN Supreme court and its justice and 2ndly Indians have a policy of "generic drug" under which no drug can be made proprietary for the mass of people. For example if a company discovers a fantastic drug for acidity and then off course the company can price it as they want but it will be forced to allow others to copy the generic version of the formula with cheap prices for the sake of common people and mass health. Same goes for Cancer drugs. So yeah Kudos super powerful unstoppable and honest Indian Justice league called "Supreme Court"

  2. Yeah 177 dollars umm hmm … BOOM … BOOM … BOOM … its now 177 cents :P. Thats the Indian justice league THE "SUPREME COURT on INDIA" for the sake of common people's health. Because when you loose somebody you love for cancer it hurts same whether you are rich or poor.

  3. Ok let me noe hw many westerners can afford it ? Compre indians income in us with citizens of usa ..u ll get ur answer …bcz indians get more than 3 times of avrg income of wht u clld westerners.

  4. Lol, truth is these Madical pharma companies wants to earn a lot of money by doing Manopoly in the name of cancer.

    This cancer drug is also not 100% effective.
    Long live America kill all the people in the name of power and money.

  5. we? Who's we? I bet till my last cent that at least a dozen of underpaid indian undergrads were involved in the research XD

  6. he/she who dont have health insurance in USA is gonna suffer… infact 177 dollars is minutely high for indian living in india😂

  7. Do americans even know how highly educated indians are? And second: do you know how much money pharm. companies make? And three: Most cancer patients die from medication and treatment not from cancer.

  8. Then India should firmly ask Bayer to leave the Indian market. No hard feelings.
    And this includes India's extremely profitable agricultural market, where Bayer sells tons of insecticides.

  9. What a negative blow-back for patents! False accounting and R&D fakery will cause patents to become a waste of time as competitors make drugs available knowing court proceedings will grind on for years. The commerce system has knotted itself.

  10. This is the same way that the Nazi's acted back in the 30s. German are an horable people,but certain companys(big pharma,bio medical and banks) are as courrpt as can be.

  11. This shit again… greed with no restrictions is not amoral, it is immoral. Therefore corporations are immoral, not amoral. The way that corporations function needs to be fundamentally changed.

  12. india and pakistan are enemies (coz pakistan sends terrorists to india) but even then we allow medical tourism i.e our doctors treat their patients because they dont have the technology or know how …i m saying we are doing something great .helping others is what makes us human and the ceo is clearly not a human

  13. epclusa, a medicine I`m currently taking (12 weeks, a pill a day) cost $24384 for 28 pills before January after they got the price negotiated down. Thanks to the leverage of negotiating for the entire country (Norway) the cost of 28 pills is now $3850. And I don`t pay a dime for it thanks to our socialist hellscape of nationalized healthcare.

  14. The indian company doesn't have to invest money into R&D for the drug. Don't get me wrong, I agree with the courts, but I understand CEO's frustration

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