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Only Fox News Would Be This Stupid About The New Popeye

“In a segment that looks like its right out of the 1950s, Fox & Friends this morning did a report that started off with what they called the “wussification” of Popeye and lead to complaints about Thor being a woman and Wonder Woman not being in short shorts and a halter top in the new movie.

I don’t watch Fox News, I only found this because of a link on my facebook page to another site that broke down the segment. Now I’m recommending that you watch the entire video below so you can see that none of these comments are taken out of context. These horrible comments come straight from the hosts.

First they started by talking about the test footage done of Popeye that was released earlier in the week. This is not the finished art, it’s a test… but that didn’t stop Tucker Carlson, Anna Kooiman and Clayton Morris.“* The Young Turks Hosts Ana Kasparian and John Iadarola (TYT University) break it down.

*Read more here from Dan Wickline / Bleeding Cool:


ISIS, Bill O’Reilly, Fox vs. Popeye & Kirsten Gillibrand Update – The Young Turks 9/23/2014 News & Politics


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  1. If you complain about your own masculinity being under attack, then you've already thrown it away yourself.

  2. …Not to mention preconceived notions about liberals —- I have tattoos and smoke Camels! Do these people only ever see leftists at Whole Foods or something?

  3. Fox news,Alex jones,roger stone, bannon is the problem in America…fake news from "state TV"… Stop the divide…kill your TV…And maybe corn hole Roger stones Nixon tattoo,

  4. I have to say that the new Popeye won't be the same without his pipe and anchor tattoo on his arms, it was part of his image to who he was.

  5. So many National Socialists/Progressives/Fascists in one place. I thought Google directed me to a Stormfront video, but, nope, The Young Turks and their audience.

  6. 1) Liberal as all hell here, I smoke tobacco pipes.
    2) All tobacco-related studies about lung cancer involve additive-laden cigarette tobacco being pulled into the lungs. No studies on just tobacco puffed. Smoking a pip =/= lung cancer.
    3) The reason Popeye ate spinach was it was supposed to have a lot of iron. Problem is, they got a decimal place wrong–it only had 10% what we thought at the time.

  7. Lmao guess the tattoo isn’t harmful but obviously smoking shouldn’t be advertised to children. Cancer isn’t masculine!

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