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October 3 2014 Breaking News Boots on Ground USA Military deploying thousands to Iraq

October 3 2014 Breaking News Boots on Ground USA Military deploying thousands of troops to Iraq credible sources report

26 October 2014 Breaking News Putin Speech New World Order NWO threats of World war 3

30 September 2014 Breaking News Army times News reporting boots on the ground in Iraq Big Red One Head Quarters will deploy to Iraq

September 29 2014 Breaking News war against ISIS ISIL Gates former Defense secretary says Obama will need boots on the ground

29 September 2014 Breaking News Obama Just Proved Bush Was Right All Along on Foreign policy

September 29 2014 Breaking News Rise of ISLAM bible prophecy current events soon coming Antichrist

29 September 2014 Breaking News ISIS ISIL Caliphate ISLAM plans world domination Sharia Law current events bible prophecy last days end times final hour news update PART 8

September 29 2014 Breaking News The Rise of ISLAM bible prophecy current events soon coming Antichrist Part 7

2014 Breaking News Associated Press Pregnant woman stoned to death by family for choosing husband Hundreds women murdered yearly in Muslim-majority Pakistan honor killings Sharia Law in USA false teaching Rick Warren CHRISLAM Part 5

2014 Sharia Law ISLAMIC STATE camps in USA and the USA GOVERNMENT allows its

2014 Breaking News Brunei has become the first country in South-East Asia next to Australia to implement sharia law tough new Islamic laws include penalties severing of limbs and death by stoning Part 4

2014 Breaking News Sharia principles enshrined British legal system first time in history Part 3

2014 Breaking News Rick Warren False teaching CHRISLAM Sharia Law Terrorism Part 2

2014 Breaking News Christian Sudanese woman sentenced to death 4 rejecting 2B muslim Part 1

2014 Breaking News Terrorist Expert explains Muslim Brotherhood’s plans to dominate world

2014 Breaking News Muslim Brotherhood teaching Sharia Law in USA schools k-12 indoctrinating the USA youth – Rick Warren Chrislam involvement End Times Last days final hour news prophecy update

2014 Breaking News Islamic Republic seeks world domination Last Days news

2014 Breaking News Muslims convert to LOVE christianity worldwide Last Days News

2014 Breaking News False Teachings Rick Warren Gay People go to Heaven – Last days news

2014 Breaking News Sr Pastor Brian Brodersen allows Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa to carry false teaching Rick Warren Material

2014 Breaking News Bible Prophecy wars leading to Armageddon last days

2014 Breaking News Sharia Law Islamic law is adopted by British legal chiefs told how to draw up Sharia-style wills penalizing widows and non-believers

2014 Breaking News Praying these Christan girls abducted by the false teaching of Islam followers to be returned to their families in Jesus Christ God and Savior AMEN.
#bringbackoursisters Boko Haram Kidnapped Schoolgirls Are Christians part 2

2014 Breaking News Most of Boko Haram Kidnapped Schoolgirls Are Christians part 2

May 17 2014 Breaking News Most of Boko Haram Kidnapped Schoolgirls Are Christians Part 1

2014 Breaking News Syria Al Qaeda Training Western Citizens for Terror Abroad

2014 Breaking News Texas Islamic Village Linked to Extremist Group in Pakistan

2014 Breaking News REUTERS British-born bomb suspect Member Boko Haram,the Islamist group

Boko Haram terrorist network in its campaign to impose an Islamic Sharia Law state on Africa’s most populous nation.

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  1. summer Rose your full of bullshit. Leave Mexicans alone. Who the fuck you are to call them illegal? For your information they are more American than you! What you don't go back to Europe where your great great gramma came by boat! You come from immigrants! Mexicans were already in this continent before your bloody family immigrate here!

  2. To "Lorri Anderson" – "Make calls".  "Fax the gov".  "Say Hell No".  Who do you think you're dealing with?  The gov does whatever it wants to do.  They are not set up to care about the people.  Also, you are not one of the people who's "boots are on the ground".  As they say.  You don't have to worry about getting blown up, do you?  Unless you're sending a donation to the gov they won't even open the mail.

  3. I guess after the failed attempt against the White House, now the government is doing the right thing.  Bush finished the Iraq Dessert Storm in 2 weeks [the rest was maintenance].  But our present government are holding back; not finishing anything; back and forth. 

  4. I don't give any credit to PressTV and RT. They will say anything to brain wash people to make U.S looks bad. 

  5. All those Isis Fucks Know they would get Fucked up here by us.. there is enough firepower in our country to arm every man woman and child 3 times over, that's only civilians not counting our military …those idiots flapping there jaws on Fox Cnn are well paid to lie and exaggerate everything they get their filthy fucking hands on.. They are Pro Israel,fear mongering Propagandist using the media to manipulating the American people into funding and fueling another war that has nothing to do with us. Israel Just got done blowing the fuck out of their surrounding buddies. these fuckers want revenge on them now.. once again the Jewish owned media Scaring Americans into believing that it would be a good idea to go waste a bunch of our tax money on securing The state of Israel and arm more potential terrorists to continue the escalation of violence. They seriously need to all get fucked and let Americans focus on our own problems. How Many Towel heads in America have you seen acting violent running Around fucking shit up ? I see them at golden corral all the time picking around the Bacon looking happy as fuck…

  6. Swear not at all, neither by your head nor by the earth, let your yes be yes and your no be no, they have taken an oath to serve mans will, no one can have two masters, can't serve God and man. choose today whom you will serve. wake up solders. That is why everyone serving the governments have to swear an oath. it is mandatory before you can get a check, you can not buy nor sell save ye have that check$

  7. this is all bullshit there are no military on the ground from usa over there! so quit your crying and give me a break! I seriously doubt that there are air strikes also. you can't show me a video of that ,  the videos I have seen are all old videos of previous goings on over there that I have seen years ago just with  different dates on them.

  8. That's right USMC and hundreds of thousands troops around the world are about to be sent to Iraq. The Countries in alliance with the US and especially the Arabic-speaking countries should be involved and create strategies to eliminate criminal ISIS.

  9. What a surprise………NOT!!!! Now that we have the boots there let take those boots and shove them right up ISISSY'S fat nasty goat fcking asses!!!!!!!

  10. Unbelievable, they want the f-16. Bad idea. Some political commander, Don't give them weapons, instead they need to disarm the entire region, door to door, let them throw rocks. That's what happened after WW2. 

  11. Well ISIS you got what you wanted we are BOMBING YOUR ASS EVERYDAY now we are over 13,000 Strong in your Country.  BRING IT ON SAND NIGGERS ( ISIS ) we should just take over their country.

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