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October 2014 Breaking News Bankrupt USA military dealing with reality fighting a financial war

October 2014 Breaking News Bankrupt USA military dealing with reality fighting a financial war USA owes Communist China 3.5 Trillion any clue to who is winning the financial war? HINT: Not the USA Part 2 of 2

In the only truth the bible – Proverbs 22:7
King James Version (KJV)
The rich ruleth over the poor, and the borrower is servant to the lender.

February 2014 What Is The Sequester?

February 25 2014 Breaking News USA Military Shrinking to levels before world war two while China Russia Iran expanding military Forces & surpassing USA military technology Last days final Hour News prophecy update Part 1 of 2

February 25 2014 Breaking News F35 – 400 billion $$$ national security? policing worldwide??

February 25 2014 Breaking News robotic armor USA military suits Scheduled Test This Summer 2014

February 25 2014 Breaking News HAARP CHEM TRAILS weather manipulation worldwide

February 25 2014 Breaking News is the Rise of COMMUNIST China a threat to Japan USA and the world???

February 25 2014 Breaking News Russia’s Foreign Minister stating USA policy on Syria aids terrorism

February 25 2014 Breaking News consequences of Nuclear War not if but when Last days news

February 25 2014 Breaking News Pentagon Military Blimp surveillance DHS Big Brother Watching

February 25 2014 Breaking News USA Nationwide Police State Tracking millions license plates

February 25 2014 Breaking News Hezbollah Iran controlled allies infiltrated USA mapped out targets

February 25 2014 Breaking News Iran leader Alerts Air Force sends warships to USA border

February 25 2014 Breaking News President Obama tours biotechnology facility then signs farm bill

February 25 2014 Breaking News USA BIO Terror Warfare mutated animals & humans

February 25 2014 Breaking News Terrorists from 83 Countries Armed and Funded by Saudi Arabia

February 2014 Breaking News USA Police State Martial law NSA DHS Fema Camps Last days news

February 2014 Breaking News Obama pulls troops out ISLAM jihadists move in training Americans

February 2014 Breaking News Plans for killer robots humanoids in the Military to replace troops?

February 25 2014 Breaking News Syria Al Qaeda Training Western Citizens for Terror Abroad

February 25 2014 Breaking News President Barack Obama’s North American agenda with Canada and Mexico

February 2014 Breaking News USA John Kerry seeks to calm German anger at NSA Leaked reports

February 25 2014 Breaking News Hagel calls Air Force nuclear officers in bunkers Last Days News

February 2014 Iran Nuclear Islamic Republic last days final hour news prophecy update

February 25 2014 Breaking News REUTERS Pakistani Taliban say government must embrace Islamic law

February 2014 Breaking News Islamic Republic seeks world domination Last Days news

February 2014 Breaking News USA plan troops in Afghanistan till end of Obama Presidency

February 2014 is a nuclear Iran a threat to israel and the world? Last days final hour news

February 2014 Breaking News Not if but when Armageddon Final Hour Last Days News Prophecy

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  1. Well job by ISIS..Because  USA Always went to disturbs Islamic Country USA have to pay for this..(American is poor country bagging in Iraq for oil relay bad..)

  2. I think America should stop going to war with stupid terrorists and fucking take care of its own people before taking care of others 

  3. To win a war is not the size of military. It is the quality people to make plans and operate high quality equipment.  More important thing is that the world problem is not our problem. We are not the world police.  Let's rebuild our industries within the US instead of out sourcing.  Be competitive against the rest of the world.

  4. See if Isis attacks any U.S. ally or tries on our land. We'll get the spike in troops back. Congress will agree hands down, because they don't want some foreign force taking away their mansions and bonus's. Nothing brings a country more together than a common enemy. hmm this seems familiar…

  5. fearsome f35? now i know this is all  propaganda BULLSHIT newseveryone know beside american that the f35 is the worst crap jet ever built

  6. He who owns the biggest blue water navy rules the world and we still do. We are still the most innovative and advanced. We are still the strongest.

  7. This will break this country. Thanks to the Republicans and their tax cuts to their big business buddies. Hope you all burn in the lowest regions of Hell.

  8. The reason is many…cutting troops also means cutting there healthcare and benefits…less men mean less retirement payments and health care…that's why the need for robotics.  The US also is in the new business of creating a proxy army to fight instead of its own troops…All of this is also indifferent..since there is no money right now for all this when you are 18 trillion in debt?

  9. It is simple big government fears a large military. The more government jobs created without having to account for something can only be funded by one way and that is increasing taxes or the burden on the working class. It only takes a little commonsense to understand most military personnel are family members of those in the working class ( that's why senior sent junior to the national guard to avoid combat service ). Those in the US need only thank our founding fathers because of what they put in writing ( only a group of genius's could have created such a masterpiece ) the American people only need to wake up and cast there vote for a person they would call a friend and neighbor. The military defends us against foreign aggression we need only use our brains and we can defend ourselves from to much oversight and legislated controls. We each have the same power as the next because we each have the right to bear arms . This is why a coup or armed protest is not required to make change a real possibility. We need only agree that the one who was elected needs to be replaced. By voting for a different person with the political party or feeling you must vote for the opposing party as long as no one votes for the person that is not getting it done we all win.

  10. If america stops creating illegal wars everywhere it wouldn't need a large military…..the simple ideas are always the best….so here it is again…..Stop creating illegal wars…..easy as…..then balack could spend the short time he has left in office to repair some of the damage he has done to america.

  11. I'm an American and I am glad to see that we are trying to put an end to an overly bloated military budget. We need not police the world, we need not be involved in every fucking conflict, we need not continue to provide financial aid to any fucking country that says go America and is willing to spend said money buying arms from companies in America contracted to build arms by the state. 

  12. People please! Stop argue/fight about who is better economically and psychologically none of this will matter.

    We're all going to be influenced by it. I mean we already are.

  13. your army does not protect your freedom take money out of your political system will help save your freedom fucking idiot's.

  14. Are you stronger that America??
    So why your money is worth nothing???
    Are you smarter that America??? So Why is country near depression?? and financial caos??
    You are agnation of Godless people that need wars and revolutions. Read History, and know this 
    America will stand as long as God wants not some cheese country like russia.

  15. What kind of world have we made for ourselves and for the world if we Haft to defend it all the time are we truly friends with other nations we need to stop because children are caught in these wars and every tear they shedd goes strait to Lucifer heart. No man won't be touched by these wars.
    Peace is the only way!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. That the army is gonna be smaller than before WWII is a blatant lie and a myth… Back then Romania's army was larger than ours. The truth is the American empire is declining and that's a good thing, we have military everywhere and spend more than the next top 10 countries combined INCLUDING China and Russia. Let's lower it to say the next 5 countries combined and then see who's still got the guts to attack us. While people at home are dying because of insufficient healthcare, poor health, crime and drugs. If ever America finds itself in a Third World War (which is probably caused by America) it could raise an army of 70 million. But right now let's focus on building this nation up.

  17. become a moneyless society, because inventing a monetary system is like an open invitation for all demons from hell to enter your world and dominate your entire life.

  18. Yes America isn't the best country in the world anymore, we let things go to shit, we stopped caring, we let the government make all the descions Wich was the opposite on how are founding fathers wanted it to be, we fucked up but God damit we can rise up! We can work are asses off and make this country the way it's supposed to be. We owe it to all the people who have lost their lives for the idea of what america stands for. Instead of saying we're the best lets lead by best example. I've fallen in love in what this country means and I dream that the world would one day see the true America.

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  20. USA you are fucked, you've made too many enemies around the world and now you're outnumbered.
    The world is fighting for survival, they will win due to massively more willpower.
    All USA has is mere greed and lust for power – it cannot stand against titanic willpower based on survival.

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