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Obama just took a bold swipe at Trump over his latest failure

► Obama just took a bold swipe at Trump over his latest failure
Today is National Gun Violence Awareness Day, which serves as an opportunity for all of us to reflect on the tragic mass shootings that continue to plague our nation as well as the countless gun-related deaths and injuries that fail to receive the same level of media attention every day.

Unfortunately, it’s also an opportunity to reflect on our current cowardly leader and his refusal to take any kind of action to stem the bloodshed, so beholden is he to his NRA donors and gun fetishist constituents. Just this morning it was revealed that Trump botched his efforts to console the families of victims of the recent Santa Fe school shooting in which ten people died and thirteen were wounded. One mother of a slain student said Trump spoke to her like he was a toddler.
The issue of American gun violence would be a difficult problem to solve even if we had the most brilliant of leaders. Instead we are stuck with a sociopath who has no interest in solving the problem, and who lacks the intelligence and competence to solve it even if he suddenly decided he wanted to.
Luckily, former president Barack Obama refuses to completely abandon us to our current nihilistic administration. Obama has taken to Twitter to remind us how a compassionate, thoughtful leader tackles days like today.

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  1. The 2016 election was rigged by the “far right” (read: modern-day Nazis.) Expect the same in 2018.

  2. the devil has the antichrist dump and demons working hard to deceive the people. A lawyer for a porn girl will bring the antichrist to the light, and all his followers.

  3. When Obama was in office mass shootings started happening more frequently than ever before.  So the nitwit can blame whoever he wishes.  Pure deflection.  I wouldn't be surprised if Obama brainwashed people to go out and do the shootings!

  4. Our current Presidunce is nothing but an inept, barely literate, insecure, incompetent, bullshitting, self-centered, delusional, draft dodging, sociopathic, fanatic, narcissistic, neurotic, misogynistic, psychopathic, xenophobic, homophobic, racist, bigoted, braggadocious, childish, pathological lying disgrace to America.

  5. Almost all Murders are by Handguns ! 80% of Murders are by Black people ! Almost Every big City is run by Democrat's and their​ City's are the worst. Statistics show on These are Facts !

  6. Obama never even addressed the killings in his own City Chicago it was blacks on blacks you never heard about that it was always wonders of black and white involved

  7. Content informative/excellent. *Please get rid of 'canned voice' – It puts accent on wrong syllables and makes inappropriate pauses in sentences.

  8. You can't even use your own voice ,President Obama is a traitor , He is a Soros PUPPET. Wake up now, President Trump is also a puppet, but he is a patriots puppet. He belongs to the Marines. Why is it that so many here have such a poor command of English? What country are you in?

  9. I feel such a sense of safety when I hear my president speak. Intelligent, kind, articulate and honest.Hearing him speak, is like hearing the voice of reason and truth.That other guy is not my president.

  10. Lol @ the 3 thumbs down. Gotta love the First Amendment! Now that white folk are killing themselves and their friends, neighbors and associates – just look what their god is doing: what's good for the goose is good foe the gander – same with the drug issue – whites the world over are dying of their own fates they reaped upon people of color. Love it the blessings of good change will reign down the worthy nations: those that are spiritual in the natural laws and not those of evil.

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