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November 2014 Breaking News USA John Kerry remarks comparing Islamic extremism to Israel

November 2014 Breaking News Heavy security as Israel reopens Jerusalem site

October 31 2014 Breaking News Israel reopened Jerusalem’s Al-Aqsa mosque compound

October 30 2014 Breaking News Palestinian president Mahmud Abbas declaration of war against Israel

31 October 2014 Breaking News USA John Kerry remarks comparing Islamic extremism to Israel’s decades-long conflict with the Palestinians Not first time Kerry called Israel terrorists here is an article in 2013

Genesis12:1-3 Promises to Abram – Now the Lord had said to Abram: Get out of your country, From your family
And from your father’s house, To a land that I will show you.
2 I will make you a great nation; I will bless you
And make your name great; And you shall be a blessing.
3 I will bless those who bless you, And I will curse him who curses you; And in you all the families of the earth shall be blessed.

29 October 2014 Breaking News USA Official Calls Netanyahu a Coward

29 October 2014 Breaking News The Crisis in U.S.-Israel Relations Is Officially Here

29 October 2014 Breaking News Fatah Official Calls for Ethnic Cleansing of Israelis Jews

October 27 2014 Breaking News Obama a threat to world security not doing enough on war against ISIL

October 27 2014 Breaking News Putin Speech New World Order NWO threats of World war 3

October 2014 Breaking news ISIS ISIL ISLAM Sharia Law Sex Slaves

October 2014 Breaking News ISLAM Sharia Law Jihad girl sex slaves PART 9

October 2014 Breaking News Yazidi Girl Tells Of Horrific Ordeal As An ISIS Sex Slave – 17 year-old said she was one of a group of about 40 Yazidi women who were still being held captive and sexually abused on a daily basis by Isil fighters

October 2014 Breaking News The Rise of ISLAM Quran teaches behead infidels those who reject to convert to ISLAM part 8

October 2014 Breaking News The Rise of ISLAM bible prophecy current events soon coming Antichrist Part 7

2014 Breaking News Rise of ISIS ISIL current events bible prophecy

2014 Breaking News ISIS ISIL video surfaced Beheaded British aid worker David Haines

2014 September Breaking News ISIS ISIL USA UK foreign fighters in Iraq and Syria

2014 September Breaking News 666 Mark of the beast he Mark Unleashed – Stephen Baldwin

2014 Sharia Law ISLAMIC STATE camps in USA and the USA GOVERNMENT allows its

2014 Breaking News Sharia principles enshrined British legal system first time in history Part 3

2014 Breaking News Syria Al Qaeda Training Western Citizens for Terror Abroad

2014 Breaking News Texas Islamic Village Linked to Extremist Group in Pakistan

2014 Breaking News Terrorist Expert explains Muslim Brotherhood’s plans to dominate world

2014 Breaking News Muslim Brotherhood teaching Sharia Law in USA schools k-12 indoctrinating the USA youth – Rick Warren Chrislam involvement End Times Last days final hour news prophecy update

2014 Breaking News Islamic Republic seeks world domination Last Days news

2014 Breaking News Muslims convert to LOVE christianity worldwide Last Days News

2014 Breaking News Bible Prophecy wars leading to Armageddon last days

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  1. The Obama administration just got caught calling Netanyahu Chicken Sh#t,I think that this Kerry comment and the Chicken Sh#t comment might be a green light for maybe the twin mh 370 to be used that's housed at Telaviv Airport because we know that Obama ,Kerry and Netanyahu are all part of the same agenda,go back to September Netanyahu finished his speech at the U.N. in NYC by quoting the book of Isaiah and saying we must light the torch and NYC just had a Nuke drill last week could be wrong ,but don't you find it funny that in two days Kerry and an unnamed Obama aid mock ISRAEL ,let me know what do you think and don t forget the U.S. just raised the Alert and all types of trucks with supplies in the Virgina area possibly heading underground ,people claim the trucks were for Special Olympics ,but there was no such project in the area on that date and also there was no advertisement for tax write off purposes and you had the infamous corparations involved ,Coca Cola,Walmart ,CVS ,.

  2. Isreal still above the law….but for how much longer…can't keep pulling the hollocost card for ever , when your own government keeps doing to other what was once done to your selfs ….and let's not even mention the 100 undeclared nukes they have while they waste no time condemning the rest of the world … The future is going to become bleak for their people I fear sooner then later…

  3. Kerry is worse than Joe Biden an incompetent bunch led by an incompetent president ,Israel is the apple of God's eye woe to any country who think's they can defeat it,I believe we are witnessing revelation coming true.

  4. Oh Snap!  Jesus said you're cursed if you curse Israel – and you'll be blessed if you bless Israel!!!  Is US nuts?

  5. I would love to help them build ,why listen to the rantings of a lazy people they gave them land that was full of potential greenhouses in operating condition but they destroyed them , why because they know the stupid people of America will feed them the book I follow says if you don't work you don't eat let them starve .

  6. Jerusalem belongs to Israel and only Israel and a lot more land currently occupied by the Palestinians belong to Israel and so does the some of the land of Jordan and some of the land of Syria and some of the land of Egypt.

  7. Ugh…….politics !  And woe to the "religious fanatics" who don't know Jesus as the Prince of Peace.  Exciting times to be living in.

  8. Regardless of the Zionists and the "pretend jews"…God's word stands. This land belongs to the Israeli people chosen by God himself. I pity the fools who attempt to defeat Israel and in the end will ultimately be decimated upon the return of Jesus in great power in glory!

  9. Lol…palistine palistine palistine..another muslim lie for their liar god the inventor of lies. .how funny they claim lineage thru abriaham and the only way is thru the illegitimate bastard son who was so evil he was kicked out…should of been killed for attempting ro kill his brother but then nobody is perfect….shame enough he should do such a thing.

    But it doesnt matter muslims are all brainwashing.victims who have been sheilded feom the truth of their situation by their handlers. It isnt even a real religion.

  10. God Bless Israel. Keep expanding your land. God's wrath is coming against the whole world anyway, and I look forward to it.

  11. Israel is the key to USA(Catholic)-Russia(Orthodox) alliance and the future of the Orthodox Churches… real crusade is coming !!! The future of Constantinople -Byzantine rite is in your hands..

  12. For all you Jews in Hollywood who have been attacking Christianity.
    Wake Up and realise who your real friends are because the powers that govern this fallen world wants to send you back to the ovens again.
    You are up against spiritual wickedness in high places that cannot be defeated until you acknowledge your true Messiah and His name Is The Lord Jesus Christ!

  13. Excuse me who are all these People playing GOD with Israel??? These people are all NUTS. They have no right to demand or make Israel do anything. Especially for the Palestinians that keep attacking Israel. America will pay and anyone and everyone that comes against GODS chosen people. Are you ready?? To see GOD's wrath on America?? Keep letting our Administration pushing evil on Israel.

  14. Once morons like Kerry is out of power they are likely to end up dead for going against Israel by their Mossad.

  15. Righteous Warrior Israelite,
    If I were to be judged under God's Law for my thoughts, words and deeds over the course of my life, I would go to Hell in a heart beat!  By the Works of the Law no man can be saved because no one keeps the law perfectly.  As you know God is Thrice Holy even the heavens are as an unclean thing in His sight.  If you break one of the Laws you break All of the Law and without the shedding of blood there can be no forgiveness of Sin!  The Bible says that there are really only 2 religions on planet earth, the religion of Cain and the religion of Abel.  Cain is a type of all self righteous religions which bring what they thinks is right to God in accordance with their own understanding and is not accepted!  Able and all who believe God's Words, brings what God requires from a broken and contrite heart and is accepted.  My friend, what is your sacrifice?  You are awaiting the appearance of a ‘conquering triumphant’ Messiah yet to be revealed who we believe to be the anti christ.  What you fail to see, because of your sojourn in Babylon, is that your religion puts all it’s emphasis on the Laws not being tempered with the testimony of the Prophets.  If you had listened and studied what your prophets had said you would have known your Messiah would first come as a Suffering Messiah paying for the Sins of the people with His Blood!  You would know that the Sin bearer would be despised and rejected by His people  The Lamb of God who takes away the sins of the World.  As one of many examples, consider Joseph who was rejected thrown in a pit and left for dead by his brothers who after 7 years of famine revealed his true identity to their tearful amazement.  So it will be for the remnants of Israel after 7 years of "Great Tribulation" The Lord of Glory will Appear revealing himself to have been the despised rejected one who was nailed to a tree for the Sins of the World now revealing His terrifying life and death Power and Glory. Just as Joseph's brothers wept seeing their, left for dead brother,  now standing before them as this Glorified Lord having the power of Life and Death on their side.  Just before the end of this Age Israel as a nation will finally understand that His Heart’s desire has always yearned and longed for them.  The promise made to Abraham can now be totally fulfilled showering Israel with Eternal Blessings, Amen!!  Praise God!  Your Old Testament is replete with literally hundreds of verses about the appearance, life and sufferings of the Messiah being despised and rejected “A man of sorrow and acquainted with Greif’ He came to His own and His own received Him not’ and we esteemed Him not. “More marred than any man” Sold for 30 pieces of silver being betrayed by His friend, His hands and feet pieced, born in Bethlehem as was the prophet "Jonas" 3 day and 3 night in the belly of the whale or in Christ’s case the bowels of the earth, dying at age 33 defeating the powers that rule this Wicked World.  “Seek and you Will find, knock and it will be opened” My friend please read the books of the Prophets with an enquiring heart and you will see who the Peace of Israel isl!  The Lord Jesus like the Serpent on the pole that Moses lifted up became sin for us who knew no sin so that we could have the righteousness of God imputed to all who look to Him, freely the word Eve left out in her discourse with lucifer in the garden of Eden.  “Let God be true and every man a liar”  Catholicism and Churchianity has very little to do with Bible believing Christianity my friend.  I look to God's words and Not the Traditions of men for eternal truths!  The Roman Catholic Church brutally torched and murdered people like me in our millions down through the ages.  "Beware making agreements with the Idol Shepard" who says "peace peace when there is No peace" 


  16. Lies, lies from the Father of lies. The Land of Israel and Jerusalem belong  to the Jewish people and will remain so.The Bible don't lie


  18. **Disclaimer: I love my country and i am not against any muslim country or ruler just sharing Few History events:
    1-Islam and one world biggest ever Islamic state spread on the map of world like Forrest fire from Atlantic Ocean to Spain, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan on half of Russia up till Bosnia, Afghan, and Half of Africa just in first 40 years of Islam after our beloved Prophet (PBUH) within era of first 4 Kulfa leadership, Abubaker r.a, Usman r.a, Omer r.a and Ali r.a. Because under Islamic States law, everyone got freedom from Human and economic slavery. Women got their identity and equal rights and status, no direct or indirect hidden 50 to 70 percent taxes like in today’s whole modern west every human being is paying. No racism, No baby girls killings, women were no more personal male property. No Muslim could be slave; only non Muslim slaves were allowed to keep, considering they would be treated better under Allah fearing Muslims. And if converted to Islam they were also free. Only 2.5 percent Zakat on annual wealth savings and 5% fidya for non Muslims as contribution against their legal equal rights protection Under Islamic State Law and to support poor people. Every Muslim, non-mulsim was owner of the land they “CAN WORK ON” and make their own houses which does not belong to someone else, no state or country borders, everyone had equal opportunity on land. Your rights and wealth were protected under Islamic system. There were no hidden charges / rebah- interest/ taxes on your wealth. After 40 years of true and correct Islamic rule under 4 Khalifa’s, then started Kingship in Islamic state and from that same day onwards that state never increased one inch more but started shrinking for 1400 years and finally what was left completely defeated and subjugated became slave on 1918 after WW1. It took new west masters of Muslim slave nation 6 year to plan and plot and finally in 1924 slaves were divided into 26 new middle east states (big prisons with international borders system, visa, divide and control rules and regulations, previously to ww1 which does not exist in world) so Muslims can be butchered, massacred and their wealth can be looted easily any time new masters like. On these Middle East states banana dummy rulers who were loyal servants of ruthless west masters and willing to do anything were implanted, like today in Iraq and Afghanistan. Same formula was applied in Hindustan and it was Muslim nation only divided into multiple borders, Pak, India, Kashmir, Bangla to break the back of Hindustani Muslim who could rule it again for another 1000 years. Dummy leaders were planted who even don’t know local language, dressed like west, even brought up and groomed by masters in their homelands under special care. It all happened in less than 100 years and we all know how much Muslim blood is shed and how brutally we all are looted until today which has become now an open secret. It is just started less than hundred years passed and the last slave nation of Moses a.s. took 2000 years to get free. Allah forgive our sins and free us all Muslims again very soon Ameen!
    -2-While under Islamic state even with Kingship type Khilafat human race was prospering what was happening outside Muslim world a short review…
    In today’s USA 150 million (15 caror) local red Indians were massacred wiped out of planet earth. Today’s USA population reached 320 million (32 caror) from less than 1 million in last 350 years and red Indians are less than 5 million, imagine how many were left (only as slaves)
    In Australia same way 50 million (5 carore) oberginian red Indians were wiped out.
    18 carore black African men, women and kids were just thrown live in ocean while smuggling for slavery. White west very proudly even making films on it. Lucky ones who survived only as slaves. You can see they admit in their history movies how slaves were treated. New one with Brad Pitt something like 12 years of Slave…
    And more you can find from their own historian authors regarding witch hunting, Christ killers hunting, crusades etc etc, their 2000 year history is back to back filled with what was happening outside Muslim state… and continuous until today….
    -3-And what present west imperial capitalistic masters still doing to their commoners (common people) short review … who ever lived there also have firsthand experience like me…
    – 50 to 70 percent income of each person taken under direct or hidden taxes, interest, mortgage interests, value added taxes on each and everything from buying to travelling etc etc. But still you are free human being what a joke…
    – Just in USA more than 40 million (4 coror) abortions every year… their law protect the women right on her body but do not protect inside body beating hearts, just b/cause it hasn’t yet breath in open air… whole west population decline reached to irreversible point. To sustain same growth 2.1% rate required, they have 1.4 to 1.8 on average…
    – There law protect and system encourage adultery and discourage married family system,  consequently which systematically force everyone even their teens to work on off days as replacement to pay the masters, against family system which encourages and make responsible to 1head of house to earn for family and rest to enjoy better quality time and life standards instead of putting whole family to work 24/7 to pay their masters.
    – Women’s and children’s are very badly exploited there. Women end up working both at home and at work. And kids lost their mom’s caring very soon after birth. My 8 years kid still could not eat herself properly sometimes
    – And other things on mass level, women smuggling for prostitution, incest 12%, teenage pregnancies 12 to 14 %, sex free culture, gay, lesbians every kid grow up with drugs and alcohol, corporate giants controlling food, wealth, artificial rocket high prices, creating famine, diseases and destruction to nations disobeying them, continuously spying plotting sectarian violence on us etc etc etc etc etc etc etc etc etc etc etc etc etc etc etc etc only for ONE PURPOSE to engage every human being working 24/7 like slave and then collect from every human being big part of their hard earned wealth in exchange of so called freedom they advertize 24/7-365 day every year without fail. And that’s why they don’t let any original Islamic State to exist on face of earth, afraid that it will again spread like Forrest fire as alternate economic welfare state model exposing them all, day and nights propagating how horrible Islam and Islamist are, deploying criminals as Islamic in all enslaved  Muslim countries across the world only for their evil blood trusty propaganda purpose… They plan and plot against humanity and Allah is the best planner and plotter…. For every Allah(God) fearing Muslim this life is very short and exam/test of each individual human being to live and being checked that, they stayed on right path whatever happens OR  gone astray, choosing unfair criminal path of looting, violence and destruction of other human beings and unfaithfulness.….

  19. If there is one country in the world today that is not occupied by its current residents?
    Especially Arab Muslims conquered the Arabian Peninsula from the Christians and Jews who ruled there, Egypt was conquered from the Christians, all of North African Muslims conquered the barbarian pagans, Turkey, Iraq, Afghanistan and even in Spain the Muslims are the conquerors of the Middle East up to a new era in which Britain and France occupied the area Jews and Christians were in the area before the Muslims and the general facts show that before 1881 when the Zionists arrived in the area, the area was deserted and abandoned that more than 75% of the Muslims arrived only after 1882 when the Jews were looking for workers Names of towns in the area are more than 75% of names comes from the Hebrew, Greek and French as well as even Muslim names, for example, the name of Muhammad Abbas Palestinian President Yasser Arafat in Iraq originated 70% originated in Egypt Gaza residents say they are of Egyptian origin
    A large part of the Jews were expelled from Gaza, Hebron and other cities until 1936 deportation was carried out under the auspices of the British government anti-Semitic and ungrateful Anyone who curses Israel
    God curse him
    So that's why Britain lost in a short time all of its empire and is now occupied by her subjects past the Pakistanis, Africans and Arabs
    What remains for us to wish them a hate that you have on Israel

  20. Israel sucks..what else can you say? Not only that, the UN should be bringing charges against Israel for crimes against humanity!!!!

  21. Amazing how an agenda has been made against Israel by those who have misinterpreted the international law which clearly states that if a violent conquest to made of territory of a sovereign country then relocating population for permanent settlement is illegal. Since Israel did not make a violent conquest, but was rather attacked by surrounding countries and did not settle anyone in lands belonging to a sovereign country. Therefore by definition Israel has not built illegal settlements anywhere in Judea and Samaria.  Regarding Jerusalem, the capital of Israel and the Jewish Nation for 3000 years, it is not a segregated city, as segregation is not practiced in Israel.  The city was to be international, but it lost it's mandate as such when Jordan illegally occupied East Jerusalem and forbade any Christians or Jews from visiting the holy sites there and in Judea and Samaria. Where was the outcry then?

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