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Norway Terrorist Not Right-Wing (Fox News)

Fox News is going out of its way to to argue that Anders Behring Breivik who was behind the bombing and shooting spree in Oslo is not a right-winger or Christian terrorist. Cenk Uygur breaks down a clip on the topic.

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  1. According to Dr. Frances Cress Welsing, (author of "The Isis Papers"),"The core dynamic of white genetic survival eventually leads whites to a major act of genocide (destruction of the genes of non-white people), or toward genocidal imperatives." For example Nazi Germany where Semite and gypsy populations were destroyed, states Dr. Welsing.

  2. Hey, Fox News did go as far as trying to justify some of the ideas Breivik supported, mostly his opposition to Islam, and even wanted to portray him as a radical Atheist. The job they did during this crisis was a disastrous one, and that has to be the major point of all those disastrous interventions.

  3. Breivik is Fascist, which is not right wing but authoritarian and central. Fascists have historically hated the communists.

  4. BECAUSE COMMUNIST = ZIONIST = LIBERAL(produced by Zionism and communism to promote homosexuality/race mixing/pedophilia/anti Christianity) = HOMOSEXUAL = RACE MIXER = PEDOPHILE = BESTIALIST = ANTICHRIST(anti Christian & satanist) = ANARCHIST(anti civilisation) !!

    Therefore why to condemn HOMOSEXUALITY AS MENTAL DISEASE ONLY when it is obvious that one was produced parallel with race mixing, anti Christianity, pedophilia, bestiality and even satanism movements by communists/zionists/liberals !!?

  5. Breivik is a lone wolf he doesnt belong to any radical groups what so ever, he was just hung up in his own computer games like rougespear ghost recon you name it, and as a failed business man he made his own world based on his own inviorment and the attitude that his common for people from that part of Oslo/Akershus, then be borrowed alot of money he made himself into this person and high on drugs he went on with the whole thing, his mother died last year, his half sister still lives in the US:

  6. His father is still a member of the socialsit party called Ap (arbeiderpartiet) he worked many years with the foreign affairs office and still lives in France with his new vife, this maybe the reson why he hates "Ap" after his mother and father separated when he was 2 and he lost contact with his father when he was 15. His mother was what we call in Norway a "4.12" not fit for raising childeren but still somehow the child protection favour his mother like they in most cases does in Norway……

  7. The leftist Young Turks are anti white.  They believe that Africa is for Africans.  Asia is for Asians.  And white counties are for everyone.  These anti white group always say that Rush Limbaugh and Fox News are racist.
    Well the leftist Young Turks hate white people.

  8. Why this radical Christian terrorist not given enough punishment. Now whole community making excuses for him to prove innocent. Check out Christians hypocrisy if muslim farts its act of barbaric and if a Christian farts then they say aww so cute.

  9. What people are over-looking, this guy didn't kill Muslims – he killed our fellow Leftists. Like all fascists he killed Leftists in the name of some half-assed conspiracy theory. Some of those conspiracy theories pedaled by FOX NEWS, like the Left being soft on Islamic Fundamentalism, or the Left being anti-Christian and anti-semitic, or the Left being soft on immigration. And the best of it is, the Left are nowhere near power, haven't been for decades. If you ask me its not Muslims who should worry, they can always move back to the Middle East – its the Left. The fascist fuckpigs will turn on us – and handwringing liberals won't lift a finger to save us – e.g. Franco, Mussolini, Hitler, Pinochet, Salazar etc etc

  10. Athos.
    Explain burnings at the stake ? Drowning thousands of " witches " ? Pogroms ? Crusades ? Your entire " christian " history composed of " heretics " ?

  11. He was a christian fundamentalist. He wanted to make Norway into a ethnically "clean" country after the DNA sample of Olav Haraldsson, the first christian king and he wanted to make the area Stiklestad where the battle was won into a exclusive christian area. He himself raised around 30 000 dollars for the establishment of 2 christian schools in Norway. He edited wikipedia articles where vikings was protecting European areas from muslims to christians defending against vikings. He is a member of the freemasons. His psychological observers reported that he weights his words carefully, therefore not putting a lot of weight on his christian fundamentalism, but it is pretty clear, he calls himself for a knight and a crusader. Hello. 

  12. look at the core problems in Europe due liberal immigration and you will see the why there is an explosion of the radical right wing

  13. Why is american news so flashy and tabloid, Irish news is so serious and doesnt give opinions just non bias facts. btw I'm in favor of the later, how can americans watch that kind of news that tells them what they want to know rather than what they need to know.

  14. Of course Breivik is right wing and is sick of what the paedophile left wing have done in Norway ask anyone who lives in Norway This cunt in the video is overbearing and should be on the price is right and not talking on serious issues as if its some fucking joke …. young Turk's FUCK OFF

  15. God does it matter? Are you now going to say all christian & right wing conservatives are like this?
    He's a mass murder. He shot fucking teenagers. If you can even equate that to being a right wing conservative you are clearly nuts,

  16. For the record, he's not an actual christian. In fact, he's an admitted atheist but claims to be a "cultural christian". Thats just someone who follows social conservative values.

  17. And he's not insane either. Just because someone is a terrorist, that doesn't mean they are crazy or mentally ill. They are simply willing to violence for a cause

  18. He isnt "rightwing" because, like the well informed and intelligent man that he is, he is perfectly aware that "Leftwing vs Rightwing" is a Jewish dialectic control method. And he isnt a Christian either because Christianity is a suicidal equalitarian and universalist Jewish invention.

  19. Boo…hoo…hoo..  for the Armenian Genocide Deniers!  The first terrorist attack of 2017 was in Turkey,  heheheheheh.   You would see these communist,  Armenian Genocide Deniers call the Turkish People Racist and Terrorist.   Only White People are called that,  hehehehehehheheh.     39 DEAD!  hehehehehehehehehe

  20. He is a right wing christian lunatic moron, end of story…he was part of the only right wing party in Norway for his youth years. Fox is a bunch of biased right wing retards.

  21. He actually is a ultra nationalist but that's basically just a more extreme version of conservatism. But to American standards he would probably be seen as a conservative since I have noticed the bar for fascism is a lot higher in America.

  22. HOLY MIMOSA! ?
    That pathetic, Islamaphobic, psychotic asshole appears strikingly similar to Julian "douchebag wrongfully accused of double tag team rape," Assange in the pic with his brown sports jacket.

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