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North Korea’s Kim Jong Un Calls President Donald Trump ‘Mentally Deranged US Dotard’ | TODAY

For the first time since President Trump’s controversial U.N. speech threatening to destroy North Korea, Kim Jong Un is responding, calling Trump a “mentally deranged U.S. dotard.” NBC chief global correspondent Bill Neely reports for TODAY.
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North Korea’s Kim Jong Un Calls President Donald Trump ‘Mentally Deranged US Dotard’ | TODAY

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  1. There's a illuminate card game that displays a Olympic arena nuked or bombed. There will be a winter olympics in south Korea???. Wow,this may be the false flag that brings in north Korea ,Syria and Iran into a reason for all other countries to get together and take them out..I hope n pray I'm wrong.but just if this happens,keep a open mind

  2. Seriously mentally and deranged and this is the man who killed his uncle and aunt and 30 top advisers in his cabinet what a psychopath

  3. It has said nuke clouds several times. what are you waiting for?

    USA has a standing order on WMD it responds in kind.

    why wait for that?

  4. Kim jong UN is not a threat to the American people's are the world he is showing the world how crazy and Co-Co thump is to the world he is going to let Trump destroy the world and everybody is going to turn on us that is why we the people of America don't need this Scarry crying baby dictator as the leader of our country because that's what makes him dangerous to the whole world

  5. Hold up Trumps deranged? I mean he's not perfect either obviously it shows but Kim decided to dedicate his life to rocket science and he calls someone else deranged.

  6. Kim Jung Un should meet up with ISIS and Donald Trump in jail so they can be a happy family and get killed together!😎

  7. kim jong un is a big fat looking ugly baby, throwing his toy nuclear weapons out of his room, someone should breast feed him

  8. My father lived in the same part of the city in swiss kim jong un used to go to school in. Its very small so chances are that he saw kim jong un a couple times

  9. Old Kimmy is right! The dotard is mentally ill.
    That woman on the state Korean news cracks me up! "Ha! We have bomb to drop on you!" And she's always in the same pinkie dress LMAO!!

  10. population of usa are responsible for their vote on this crasy men of trump …. he will drive your country sraight to the hill !!! it you people of usa to stop your stupid president to provoc others … he just come to sign about jerusalem capital of isreal ! is it not a provocations

  11. trump will destroy your country as hitler did it to the german … trump is not american ! think about it. trump is israely … you have just to see the people arround him to realize!!

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