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North Korea threatens to cancel summit with President Trump

U.S., South Korea military drills could end summit. Heritage Foundation senior fellow James Carafano weighs in on ‘Fox & Friends First.’

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  1. Way to go President Trump!!
    Staying right on the path to M.A.G.A!!👍🇺🇸👍🇺🇸👍🇺🇸🇺🇸

  2. Who really cares. The great and honorable Donald Trump should just continue with the sanctions against North Korea and maybe even ratchet them up a little bit to squeeze a little harder

  3. Fucking trump snd republicans stupid as hell.get your fucking troope the hell out of my country period

  4. What would Jesus do, Oh Christian nation. Oh , make the sands glow.Trump ain't no Christian. if so .wow.

  5. Democrats, especially Obergruppenführer Chuck Schumer, are very unhappy about that whole deal with North Korea. They much prefer a war with Russia with N. Korean support.
    Was Hillary the President, we would be already suffering the nuclear fallout, with Clintons, Schumer, Pelosi, Obamas, etc. hiding far away.

  6. WTF? a historic moment of decreasing tensions and some jack ass thought it was a good idea to practice military drills??? The deep state did this on purpose to derail talks or these military leader are that dumb.

  7. Canceling the meeting with Donald Mugabe Trump would be the best thing Kim could do. The US does not want peace between the two Koreas', it wants control. If America wants the two countries to get on, let them do it in their own way in their own time. And stay t f away and stop meddling
    in other countries affairs.

  8. I would send billy the willy,george w, and his lordship and than put them on the no-fly list and anyone they want to take with them they could gangbang kim

  9. Cancel it. Don't wait for him to do it, we do it. Cancel it. We won't be given an ultimatum by this guy. He either wants to come to the table to help his people or he doesn't, that's his choice. Cancel it.

  10. When will the U.S. And the world wake up and realize that Kim does not want world peace, and is DEFINITELY NOT going to give up its nukes. Kim is just buying time with his "charm offensive" which was phony right from the start. Trump should be the one to call Kim's bluff and not only "threaten" to call off the summit, but to actually do it and let Kim and his regime deal with the maximum pressure sanctions a little longer . . . maybe then, the Korean people will realize that their "supreme leader" COULD HAVE brought them economic prosperity but didn't take advantage of the opportunity, and then maybe Kim and his regime may face "internal" threats from the people of North Korea . . . Maybe a good internal revolt and overthrow of the regime is just what the doctor ordered !

  11. Satan against Satan,the devil has always been the devil, decievers and destroyers of the earth

  12. Duh…So if North Korea were to carry out a similar exercise which includes firing off long range missiles that can carry nukes, America will still want to continue with the summit?

  13. trump supporters in 2017 : "Kim jung un is a murderer terrorists dictator who will nuke us"
    trump supporters last week : "Kim is a peacefull man who love trump , he is great"
    trump supporters today : "we should nuke the rocket man and nk"


  14. Jesus himself could come floating down on a cloud saying: "Good job Donald" and the US liberals would be jumping all over themselves trying to be the first to denounce him. Those people are traitors to America.

  15. This right after meeting with Xi. But this is the way they’ve been playing for decades, are we really surprised?

  16. If China keeps the sanctions on North Korea,they wont be able to develop.. In enough time Kim will be at Trumps door being BFFS with him.

  17. The deal is one sided.America won’t reduce troops.They won’t stop the drills.They want regime change which America said they didn’t want few months ago by Nikki Hayley 😂 Now they have pulled out of the Iran deal.

  18. It's just the begining. The north makes a reasonable request. Why wiĺl you keep simulating an attack eight at the border of the country you want to talk peace with.

  19. it is one sided to expect concessions but giving nothing in return. just lift sanctions, stop military drills which simulate an invasion, accept the regime as normal state, sign a peace treaty for the complete north korean denuclearization. easy. but i get the feeling usa are not really interested in peace in the region. maybe they need a justification for their military bases i guess.

  20. We have a president who is dishonorable. Why would anyone want to negotiate with him? Yes, Kim is a liar, a dictator and an assassin. What can two liars accomplish?


  22. Before they don’t want to talk so that’s why they care about drills they play same game back. Logic no? But now it’s a space to have talks so no need to make any bloody drills. Give a space for talks ! That’s diplomacy !

  23. Nobel Peace Prize for Orange Sphincter? Try the Booby Prize. We've seen this movie before. But since Orange Sphincter has Alzheimer's, he's forgotten the movie.

  24. Thats right hes going to be friends with vietnam and japan and as far being like libya its not gonna be gadafi kim jong is a old school monarch we should stay the f… Out of asia we got lame in ww2 by being mr big shot …our nose up asia ass and we almost lost buddy..
    .u.s mind your own f… buisnatch

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