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North Korea says new missile puts all of US in striking range – BBC News

North Korea says it has successfully tested a new type of intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM) that can reach the whole of continental United States.
State television said Pyongyang had achieved its mission of becoming a nuclear state.
The Hwasong-15 missile, described as its “most powerful”, was launched in darkness early on Wednesday.
It landed in Japanese waters but flew higher than any other missile the North had previously tested.
The test, which defied international sanctions imposed over the North’s weapons programme, drew swift international condemnation, with the UN Security Council due to convene an emergency session.

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  1. Hey America you might want to understand that North Jirea really wants to strike your country. So you can sit and do nothing and swallow a nuke or you might want to consider doing something, FAST

  2. USA should be assepte to north Korea atomic power full country and tell him to stop all test for peace and open all

  3. Really..? Like Iraq had weapens of mass distruction ? Same story, different country.
    I wish they really had missiles like that (instead of this CGI garbage) and nuke the US and Israël.

  4. North Korea is like that mosquito that Flys around your ear and the USA is Like that fly swatter… they gonna get squashed… north Korea vs the USA is like putting a chuawa in a dog fight with a large pit bull no way possible the dprk would last not even 30 mins… it's gonna be a very very bad day for north Korea if they are truly that retarded to try to hit the usa

  5. the US should deploy all it's air carriers near the coast of the North Korea, because three of them are insufficient to intimidate Kim)

  6. Westerners do not have even 0.1 % idea of brutal minds of Eastern Asia even after the Vietnam War. This is called Karma. The thunder of the past will be replied back by the King of Terror.

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  8. Croatian General found guilty of war crimes .commits suicide ! Trump threatens to incinerate millions of men women and kids in N Korea like what happened to Japanese cities .Will the western sycophants at the HAGUE Court , judging war criminals , ever press charges against BUSH ,BLAIR and co for their war crimes during their aggressive war on Iraq ,which was declared an illegal action by the US General Secretary KOVI ANNAN and many International lawyers ? The judges at the Nuremberg war crime trials declared that a "War of Aggression " — the supreme international crime ", Over one million dead ,millions of refugees ,and untold numbers of maimed .traumatized suffering people in Iraq cities ,went unreported by the corporate mainstream media and " Embedded" compliant reporters . People who have endured the taunts and insults of legions of Y.T under-educated slobs .

  9. Congratulations Kim family. You have an army which can not feed itself a diet free of giant parasites. It has a fleet of giant missile transports equipped with Domesday weapons. It has millions convinced that it is noble to kill to protect the out house known as North Korea. Many young men spend heavy to visit Pyongyang instead of nudist beaches on the Adriatic where they can drink beer and study anatomy.

  10. According to western (USA) propaganda the majority of the north korean army are suffering with `parasitic worms` ..apparently due to the fact that they use human excrement as agricultural fertiliser…if thats the case they`ll be far too busy dealing with Itchy Bumhole syndrome(IBS) and the war should be over in in a flash…(no pun intended ) …itchy bum syndrome is an all too real global threat and no laughing matter, ask my dog sam…but the good news is a small tablet bought from your local vet should ease any overactive anal itch(OAI)….ahhh!! Blisss!!

  11. Welldone North Korea its about the time u defend urself Washington has more blood on there hands then an ocean filled with water its about the time these dogs stoped shitting in other other mans yards

  12. Is N-Korea still alive? If America was smart, then N-Korea was already for many years destroy of the map.
    But America is not smart because they wait first till N-Korea can make the bombs and can drop the bombs and let kill lots of innocent americans before America do action. only then itis already to late!

  13. Where they get the parts from? China funds N.K. N.K. gets parts from Belarus/Belorussia? The old Soviet hard-liner eastern-block Country.

  14. NK is destroying itself so it can have nukes. If it would stop building up the military things there would be much better. Fatty McPhat Place is going to be killed soon anyway.

  15. The United States, one of the most rogue and most evil countries on earth, has been again disrupting the peace and order of the world. Hope America can disappear in this earth.

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