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North Korea don’t trust United States! Breaking News

North Korean leader Kim Jong-un’s private plane was spotted at Vladivostok airport on Monday, July 9, South Korean news agency Yonhap reports.The plane was at the airport for about three hours. It remains unknown whether Kim Jong-un was on board the aircraft or not.

Yonhap assumes that the plane could have brought to Vladivostok the officials engaged in preparations for the North Korean leader’s possible visit to Russia as part of the Eastern Economic Forum.

In late May, Foreign Minister of Russia Sergey Lavrov invited Kim Jong-un to visit Russia for the Forum, which will be held in Vladivostok on September 11 to 13. On June 1, an agreement was reached on the private meeting between President Vladimir Putin and the DPRK’s leader. It was also reported that the President of Russia might visit North Korea.

North Korea don’t trust United States ! Breaking News

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  1. Unfortunately the whole world has lost respect and Credibility towards the United States do to policys and mettaling with terrorist. In Syria .

  2. it is a misfortune for US President had involved with North Korean Dictator, known in Japan as a Psychopath Communist Dictator who murdered already several of high ranking officials since the meeting took place in Singapore…………this is just a beginning of the problem………it will try to justify from now on the the development of stronger Nuke build up regardless he signed up…….you watch…….I have warned so many time posting in YouTube against this meeting with Kim that I wasn't comfortable with about to treat such Rogue Nation as a respected nation (felt very uncomfortable…)………it will break the promise by saying it is US's fault that NK developing Nuke, a justification of breaking promises……US couldn't see and refused to hear Japan's plea not to go with the meeting with Kim Jong Un at such formal manner……….

  3. For North Korea to build an permanent alliance with South Korea and Japan, possibly Taiwan to deter agression of China;

  4. Only with strong alliance of North Korea And South korea will ensure and guarantee that danger from North Korea will be eliminated. It is for South Korea to decide wath measure is be taken to bring North to side with the world alliance which would also provide deterrence from China invading NK and SK;

  5. Blow hard yanks think Asian people are dumb , the only ones who are dumb are Pompeo ( CIA ) they are travelling , not Kim Jong UN, the yanks are begging for some sort of resolution to puff their chest out brokering a treaty , Pompeo,s C I A ,don't trust him

  6. How shameful are We? We are the mightiest of all but we blame everyone when things go wrong. How can we get Respect by blaming others?

  7. "NK don't trust United States"-is that meant to be news?
    Sorry to tell you this America but few do especially with trumpy in power.

  8. You know Kim is killer! Kim Jong un is never give up on luclear weapons. Please don't wait sting times ,Kim will be death wished!

  9. Come on America, nothing is for free. Do you need to be reminded on this? You think anyone can be so stupid to give up their only strength (nuclear capability) just because of one meeting. There must be give and take. Now, as I see it, there is only taking by America. Who will trust America when N. Korea is stripped of all its strength and America just move its 20K troops into N. Korea.

  10. The US should best not sabotage the peace process between the north and the south. The US should best let them get on at their own pace and with their own priorities. Peace in the region is the order of the day.

  11. I don',t blame NK for not trusting us. Trump hasn't kept any promises or deals with anyone. All he does is lie and break deals.

  12. it would be stupid to believe in america if need be no cooperation any kind of it. that is the best for country country. like that would be more comfortable.

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