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‘No more’: US has foolishly given Pakistan aid, says Trump -1 Jan 2018 – Neo news

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  1. Wo pakistan jis ne america ke madad ke russia ke tukre keye ….aj Wohi pak dhoka de raha hai…america ke waja se afghani pak me hai or is waja se pak
    Ne america se itna paisa liyaa…

  2. Pakistan was America's side kick from 80s. America did not give money to Pakistan for free. It is not fair to criticize Pakistan. I think Pakistan should say 'Fxxx you' to America.

  3. Napunsak Pakistan ki maa chudgai Ab taiyaar hojao Iraq or Syria jese halat ke lie hahahahahahaha #ISIS welcome to Pakistan… Pakistan Woman are all set to get raped in all holes worldwide 😂😂

  4. Pakistan sabse Acha he or baki sab gala he Pakistan ob thoda saram Karo or apne ap ko sudharo nehi to kal Pakistan nehi rahaga

  5. I blame the ARABS for this Trump's continuous hate-stirring against Muslims.

    Treat Trump and America in exactly the same manner that the proud North Koreans are doing. That is the only language the MEGA TERRORIST US understands.

    Pakistan should end diplomatic relationship with their number 1 enemy, AIPAC / Israeli-ruled USA. Close the supply line, and flights over Pakistani air-space.

    Pakistan and Iran should get ready and plan total destruction of every US TERROR-BASE in the Middle East. Enough truly is ENOUGH now. Pakistan should clearly and loudly tell America to get lost.

    Bullies are needed to be confronted, to end their bullying.

  6. Obama had authorized $38 BILLION as a parting gift to 6/7 million Israelis, and not ONE Israeli has died for America. WAKE UP people, and end co-operation with America enemy. Ordinary Pakistanis should block the supply-lines to Afghanistan.

    After this Austrian 'WHITE TRASH' Trump's latest HATE-STIRRING against Pakistan, every Pakistanis should UNITE and demand to END diplomatic relationship with their number ONE enemy, America. FUCK OFF America. GET LOST America.

    Russia / China / Pakistan / Iran will END Jewish controlled America, and other Jewish-owned countries terrorism around the world.

    Fighting America's 'War of Terrorism', Pakistanis have lost over 80,000 civilians, over 7000 soldiers, and some $180 BILLION in economic loss, yet the ungrateful Jewish-owned US rulers and politicians are still abusing Pakistan, while their Israeli masters are receiving $15 BILLION EACH YEAR.

    Over a million Muslim fighters from various Muslim countries had lost their lives fighting America / West's proxy war against the Soviet Union.

  7. Time to cut US supply lines and close all of his army base in Pakistan and Afghanistan. US will have to leave this region until trump sorry to Pakistan.

  8. General Asif Ghafoor, tell Trumpet, who says that we did nothing. We sold sisters, we sold a son, we called upon you the whole country with blood and blood, we attacked 57800 attacks on our Afghanis, we gave way to the Mad-e-bomb, We open our passages for you from where you were carrying alcohol, weapons, ammunitions, bombs, and diapers, we made the CIA a office in our contractor, we made Mini Pentagon in Islamabad, We cried to Jet Ships, Al-Tanks, and Artillery tribes, we sacrificed our nation's 60,000 civilian and ten thousand soldiers on your square. We brave our half-dozen briggiers, many of our generals of war, you like bloody blood, we wandered on our lentant. Your enemy, our enemy. Only ten thousand people from Swat have disappeared so that their families are living and they do not even walk to their address. Leave Khyber, Bajaur, Waziristan, Mohmand, Peshawar, Mardan, Lahore, Karachi.
    We shook the ambassadors and gave you a call on your mouth so that you might be happy. We filled the Guantanamo Bay. We were so proud of your service that handed over the whole country to load loadshedding and gas shortage for ten years, the economy was ruined, but the desire was not to be exposed, we provided millions of visas to CIA to the extent that They made their free setup compared to the ISI. Karachi and Peshawar Consulate turned into big spies of the region, Blackwater, Raymond Davis Network spread in place.
    General, why you are hiding, tell them not that we have given our respect, honor, shame, helplessness, everything else, we become prostitutes. We just ask for love now, do not take the money … still you are not happy. What else now

  9. Ima from AMERICA ….THANK YOU PAKISTAN …..for helping USA citzens escape from Taliban a few months back …..trump is not the voice of USA ….and we want to c0 tinue working with the Pakistan government as a partner to the USA …….don't worry Pakistan …trump has also hurt our best allies as U.K. And Germany … why not Pakistan ….this is a tough time for us Americans ….so forgive us !

  10. الطعام الوطني، بسبب، باكيستان، نوكأ، بورك

  11. Honest to God, Trump is by far the best president and Western leader in over a thousand years!   He has my vote and the US has my envy as a Canadian to have such a true leader and one that takes no garbage from islam and the political correct left wing creeps that shuffle among us like so many satanic demons trying to make us all love sin and islam for some perverted political correct reason.   No more!

  12. RO Ro randin jahel 🐕 yahamr rod samandar sisayd hawirot istamlkttaha toltack dateha randin madrchud bahot hoshotiha darfuk handu

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