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Nikko Jenkins sentenced to death

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  1. I hope all four of those killings is worth the rest of him life getting raped and becoming someone's bitch fuck that dude

  2. Lethal injection is to good for a parasite like this. His punishment should be death by a thousand cuts…

  3. How the fuck you gonna serve 450 years?? Shit if commiting crimes give you infinite life I might as well go and kill somebody

  4. 0:57 Jenkins blinks one time and then a second time, a psicossomatic stress reaction of the brain which indicates the subject is under stress.
    0:59 Nikko Jenkins is clearly looking at someone, if this shot was capture during the death penalty reading then most certainly the subject is looking at the Judge. Frowned expression indicating disapproval, displeasure, or rage.
    1:01 Now things get interesting. Jenkins has a blank and empty look in his eyes, he is staring through the wall, in a moment of self-thinking, like he is telling himself what is happening, and reminding himself of what he has done.
    1:05 this is the money shot right here, go ahead, replay this moment as you finally witness a monster feeling regret for the first time in his life. You can see it during this shot and in the few seconds ahead. Under that terrifying self-made mask, you can see it, you can see pain.
    Not sorry, no.
    But regretful yes.
    All monsters are in their final moments.
    From Nikko Jenkins to Saddam Hussein.
    ''In their final moments people show you who they really are.''
    Heath Ledger as The Joker in The Dark Knight

  5. How can you speak about God and revenge in the same sentence, Black Americans can sound very foolish , leave God out of the equation. Humans acting like God is what took your daughter and now you want to have his life taken and the way that you speak , seems like you prayed for it . Sad ! I hope and pray that God can show you that , through his will, his way , his thoughts , he can heal your heart. Only God can truly change this man heart about what he did , not a death sentence. There is a greater evil out there and people act as if it does not exist . Killing someone for killing somone is still murder in my eyes. Yes I have lost my own child to murder 8 years ago , but i dont want to harm someone else for it , because its not in my nature and woukd prevent me fron being a righteous man of God. Hopefully he is given life and a second chance to right his wrong through service to God and long suffering in rememberance of what he has done . Never wish or exspect death to come to somone because it may show up at your doorstep to teach you a vauble lesson about whos truly in control , because God has it all in control .

  6. For people like him they should have death by hanging so the public can enjoy some entertainment like the medieval days

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