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Newspaper Slump – USA

April 2009

Tough times combined with internet competition will leave many US cities without a major newspaper. Does the fall by half in publications herald an age of free but potentially unreliable online news?

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  1. seriously why save the paper ? they should have predicted it in the late 90s already.I stopped buying paper when I was in high school.the only places where people still buy newspaper are in the 3rd world countries.when you get paid 10dollars for 250 words that goes into print and you need 2 hours to actually write them.I'd rather write for an online blog .

  2. the correct way to say that is "some 3rd world countries". If you take your time to search the net, country by country, you might be shocked at what is really going on in the world. Travel, I guarantee you that 1st hand experience will make you change your mind!

  3. technology is changing at an ever increasing pace. If you don't adjust, then you get left behind. it is that simple. I have done a few majors in college and that is the biggest weakness that I have found. People are not willing to adapt so younger people take over with newer technology. Paper news is on its way out. so are dvds, blue ray, tv and computers will merge, most hardware will go digital etc, and they will keep evolving. Either be agile and flexible, or retire!

  4. it's funny that documentary films shows visible minorities more often. Where as mainstream media shows less.

  5. We don't trust print medium anymore anyways.
    All sooo generic, bland, patronizing and contrived.
    The Internet offers so much more in so many more
    (easy) ways. You can really Pick-and Choose from
    your own Personal Opinions and Beliefs w/o
    the feeling of being force-fed. It is just that way.

    My first job was Paper-boy until the Paper
    closed down (don't know why- years ago)
    Now I'm a Photographer in a world where
    everyone has a digi-cam and thinks they
    can take pix. Lol, Life.

  6. I stand corrected i should have been more selective.yes indeed some 3rd world countriesthx for the correction

  7. I do love trees,you need energy to use your computer so you can read those Pdf documents.computers produce just as much waste that can't be discarded. Printed circuit boards contain antimony, silver, chromium, zinc, and copper.I a pro green but I know how difficult it is to be green.I still want China to use mettalic fork to eat rice.with their 1,4 billions of people they are the biggest "ungreen" citizens of the world.

  8. point is that revenue from news publication isn't covering the cost of production — its virtually free, so journalists get laid off.

    Unless news publication starts making more more, less reporting and more corruption.

  9. I keep saying this in discussions about all different mediums.

    Technology changes the system.

    alternative options are just that much more convenient than the traditional newspaper. It aint no mothafuckin' recession. It's that you're providing a relatively inferior product.

    The system has to change. It's not like news is suddenly self published or something.

  10. Umm, most of the time I'm on the internet I'm reading and I think it's like that for most people. Also, are you saying the very video that informed you about this issue was wasteful? Granted television is a wasteful product when you can get the same info online, but it's not like television/videos has to be mtv or anything.

  11. Me too.
    That was so freaking funny.

    I am guessing "Skynet" is online and that it has a sense of humor. 😛

  12. The local paper and specialty papers, like some niche finance papers, will still do great, I think.

    I do tend to go online for regional and international news, but for local news I wouldnt be bothered going online to read. I rather read the local paper away from a tv screen. Besides, your local area is personal and news papers are more personal than a tv screen. Its like a book is more personal than a dvd.

  13. Most of the entertainment and propaganda is available on your email.

    REAL NEWS is not being reported.

  14. "The New York Times in Manhattan, shows how strong self image can lead to survival"

    Is this woman living in lala-land? New York Times is on the verge of bankruptcy along with the Boston Globe which they also own.

  15. No news is good news. Good for enviroment. With a click we can get all the information want,instantly; I don't think paper got a chance. Look at what happen to Kodak. Paper just reack too SLOW & with ONE selection only. Internet RSS, variety & quick. Even some junk,but, is up to you whether you believe what they said or not. I never have my paper for many many years, digital age,sad but trendy.

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