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News w/ MR Crew – MR Live – 7/17/18

Good morning everyone, on today’s show the MR the crew brings you a news rundown.

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  1. They were talking about " Humanity ". I am sure it had something to do with removing people of color off the face of Mother Earth.

  2. Loved the caller attacking minimum wage arguing that social security is bad because "they're relying on it, unlike if they relied on their family, properties and investments". Indeed, if only those poor people would realize they could leverage their summer homes for rent, or perhaps get daddy to front them a few hundred thousand to buy a place. 2/3 of those is effectively just arguing to use your inherited wealth.

  3. I asked my son how I should explain to people that it isn't necessary to physically examine the server to know the DNC was hacked, and to investigate who did it and how. After laughing at me, he told me we have a server sitting on his desk. "It's just another computer. If you look at the computer on your desk, does it tell you anything? What you need is the data off it, the information." Ok, but you still didn't explain why and how. Are all tech guys like that? I firmly believe that ignorance of this basic technical detail is behind about half the people who don't believe the hacking at the DNC happened, or that the Russians did it. It's just too hard to understand how the hell the FBI knows what they know. And no one is really trying to explain it. They just sort of hem and haw, and then say, "just trust me, you don't need it." Argh.

  4. These people are not preparing their brains. They don't have brains. They have scripts. The scripts have already been written. I have already seen the fucking propaganda posted by "friends" and family who are in the Trump cult. They're basically posting that Hillary is/was evil, and the FBI can't be trusted.

  5. I don't like how Sam Harris is lumped in with that one ugly caller. I don't think the change Sam Harris wants is anti-Muslim. Like, Sam Harris's end result isn't the complete annihilation of them.

  6. View from the UK on Tommy Robinson:
    -Fascist street activist is the right description
    -He rose to prominence leading the English Defence League, an anti muslim group with a football hooligan-meets-crusader aesthetic
    -His real name is Steven Yaxley-Lennon or something, and he changed it to sound more working class
    -There have been legitimate scandals with South Asian grooming gangs, which the far right are capitalising by claiming (a) Muslims have a culturally affinity for pedophilia and (b) political correctness is making the authorities turn a blind eye
    -The UK has strong contempt of court laws to stop prejudicing the jury; if the media report on an active case, the entire case can be declared a mistrial. Most of the public are totally unaware of these laws; I only know them from a journalism course
    – Robinson is using ignorance of these laws to push the lie that the media is purposefully blacking out trials that involve Muslims
    -May he rot in jail

  7. Finally a great ad for blakkklansman before my MR videos! I have been getting that effing alt right vanilla propagandaTV ad for weeks.

  8. 1st time able to write something here as I feel you people are far much more knowledable than me. In relation to racist old man you did a great job however often with social issues and especially science I find it helpful to get people to define the words they use. Race biologically is something we know is non existant as we develop an understanding of genetics. We have been interbreeding from the beginning of life even on an interspecies level. We know homo sapiens bred with neanderthals. Also there have been bottlenecks or near extinction events which have reduced genetic diversity. Not to mention the forcible transfer of millions of people through slavery and mass exoduses which have been so large, they created so called whole new races. Americans whose ancestors go back multi generations whatever the tone of their skin are a whole new race. Most of the arguments about race especially as part of some kind of rating system are actually purely based on different phenotypes or visible differences like hair, eye, skin colour and this comes a reaction to a sense of difference and tribal membership, As for IQ, well for an immutable state it has been increasing gradually on a global scale since IQ was first measured. This is called the Flynn effect. I am no scientist but obviously racist old man has an interest in science and is breaking an important rule of science which is not to try to reinforce your personal beliefs but research the ideas and go where they take you. The best science is repeatable and has a level of concensus. In fact the best methods of community organisation is also based on concensus.

  9. Mary Lou is a plant. Mary Lou's job is to start the rhetoric that people are happy that Russia hijacked our democracy to keep it from Hillary. I would imagine that there were hundreds of Mary Lou's that called in to many other Liberal/Progressive/Democrat places across America. I get that people are always Trumpers but aren't these the same assholes that scream the loudest that they are patriotic. What the Liberals/Progressives should be doing the exact same thing but to the Radical Republican shows. If the narrative that America is okay with what Trump and Russia did becomes the norm then the Republicans won't have to do anything about it. I don't believe that any of the Republicans will do anything about it because they are in too deep at this point and don't know how to get out. Imo, if you watch Trump's body language and the way he holds his hands, hangs his head in the interview with Putin because it says everything that you need to know about him. Trump is Putin's bitch. Trump got in front of a real maniac and pissed his pants. (I am not by any stretch saying that Putin isn't scary, he is. Putin is a maniac.) Putin owns Trump, plain and simple. It was embarrassing. It should be humiliating to all of these people that scream that they are patriots.

  10. Tommy Robinson is in jail for breaking contempt of court laws and you can go to jail for breaking them in the US as well. In Chadwick v. Janecka (3d Cir. 2002), a U.S. court of appeals held that H. Beatty Chadwick could be held indefinitely under federal law, for his failure to produce US$2.5 million as state court ordered in a civil trial. Chadwick had been imprisoned for nine years at that time and continued to be held in prison until 2009, when a state court set him free after 14 years, making his imprisonment the longest on a contempt charge to date.

  11. WHAT? It IS Hilary CLinton's fault that no one trusts her. It is ALL her fault that she everything was set up for from the DNC. Why did SHE have to bail them out soley? Why could it not have been a joint effort.  Also maybe you can blame Bill for cheating….seriously sorry, but can you truly see that woman ever giving  a blow job? I cannot.

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