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NEWS BREAKING: “China Captures USA Navy Drone Submarine”

China has snatch a Navy Drone Sub unmanned right in front of a USA Navy Ship in the South China Sea also Help Us Spread

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  1. The world let China do what it wanted to do, not the US alone. If it's open waters, then China wasn't so wrong if the drone got to close and it's probably a test.

  2. Since most of you know, China is no longer the U.S. biggest debt holder. Japan is.
    China has been selling U.S. dollars and buying back the Yuan, to make their currency cheaper to sell and import more goods. And you know where that leaves the dollar.
    Our goods will be more expensive to export.

  3. Also now they will be able to produce their own drones. This is serious damage done i think we should find out were it is and TAKE IT BACK BY FORCE and show them who they are messing with.

  4. getting cozy with China was a mistake ,,, now we are going to have to shut them own ,,, a side result it will hurt our economy ,,, but it will be worth it ,,, if all out war doesn't happen first

  5. We have no business in other super powers areas or seas as we kept bothering Russia and China SHAME ON our government

  6. It was "MADE IN CHINA" …. the Drones are under recall for faulty software. They are just going to reprogram it and the give it back

  7. Could this be another Pearl harbor, only with China, not Japan?
    Hey Pastor Paul, the brim of your baseball hat looks extra long! Is that a duck bill hat? Maybe it's just camera angle from below the hat!
    Look forward to future reports on this. Could get rather sticky!

  8. I bet Trump doesn't produce a rebuttal. Before you defer to Obama REALIZE this is what Trump will face EVERY SINGLE DAY for 4 years. Skeptical Nations will challenge and press the US for power in their sphere at every hour of every day. In about 60 days Trump will not be able to blame someone else. Be ready for that.

  9. You want to stop China in there own backyard you have to go deep. You have to get real. Trump isn't Ready for that. YOU are not ready for that in your nike ass T-shirt chatting using Chinese manufactured hardware. To be honest no one is ready for a China confrontation, not China either. which is why this is trolling.

  10. Why US Navy drone operate in South China Sea? I guess China won't complain if USA capture any China Navy drone in Mexico Bay.

  11. It is not serious… the Chinese will return the drone after they have downloaded all the data.
    The Chinese built the artificial islands to welcome the US "Pivot to Asia". This Pivot to Asia is another hare-brained plan from Obama and Hillary !

    "America’s Pacific Century" – Hillary Clinton, FP, October 11, 2011

  12. why US send military hardware half way around the world to near China if US is not
    intend to poke at chines eyes? Let the war begins.Let's see how many DC politicians send their sons and daughters to the frontline.

  13. Why US navy has to went to south China sea at first place?
    Yes, USA is a democracy nation,but it is also a Hitler in a village called earth.

  14. You'd think the US would figure out to mine the drones they use to prevent such actions. Lose control of one and it just goes poof into a million pieces.

  15. Actually is belonged to the oceanic research institute who work hand in hand with the navy. They were using it for studying the ocean floor. It has no military purpose, but is incredibly expensive piece of equipment so it's no surprise that they want it back.

  16. US military ADMITTED that the drone is used for monitoring on chinese submarines and activities in the artificial islands..

  17. I put a surveillance camera right at the doorway of your home. What would you do? Do I expect you won't take it away when you discover it?

  18. "in South China Sea", not "Hawaii", or "Gulf of Mexico". Maybe USA should just STOP spying China and everyone would be happy, don't you say? As you said, it's a NAVY DRONE, i.e., a military drone at our doorstep. I don't see any country would stand it.

  19. Let Chinese put their spy drones in gulf of Mexico, OK? Let Chinese navy have free navigation in that area, OK? Let Chinese military send troops to Cuba and help them install intercontinental balistic missiles, OK? Let Chinese send military forces to Philippine and set up a military base, because they now need them instead of US, OK?

  20. if thats not an act of war idk what is. was it suppose to be there? /allowed! china copied the drone! we lost key tech to the bin laden raid! china wants war depopulation without looking like a dick.

  21. why was the drone in south china sea in the first place…they got no business there…. what if china sends a drone to usa area 51?…will usa just give back also?

  22. It's like you came to my house, my backyard and jerking off in front of me. We didn't steal it, you asked for it.

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