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News Break: Germany USA Consulate Evacuated!!

USA Consulate in Germany has been evacuated as a suspicious package and the link Theologian Paul Begley expects more attacks to come in this “apocalyptic hour” Libya Consulate burned to the ground “Ambassador Chris Stevens murdered, also Egypt the USA Embassy has been attacked, and now the Yemen American Embassy has been attacked. Also Iran the Swiss Embassy has protest going on outside, while Germany the American Consulate has been evacuated because of a strange package. The end is growing near….

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  1. You need to calm down Paul. You can spend 24/7 monitoring all the news, fake or real, propaganda or truth or lies. But what's the point? Everything will go worse and worse from here.

  2. It's gonna get worse Pastor Paul!
    These days, according to the Bible, are Rageingly Insane!
    Our only safety is Jesus. Trust HIM with your life!
    The Muslims are on a "roll"; they have tasted blood and they want MORE!
    Only God will deal with this, Obama doesn't have a clue, …..look for some GLOBAL DISASTER!
    God Bless you Pastor!

  3. The point in my opinion is to let people know that is going on in the world. A LOT of news that he announces are not on main stream media. No one wants to talk about it because of possible conflict. Yes everything is going to get worse. But you can either know what is going so that you can better prepare yourself or keep your head in the sand.

  4. Yes you are right! We are not suppose to be troubled over it. But we are also suppose to know the seasons that we are in. Our redemption draws closer. I am not for making peoples hearts heavy. ONLY to make sure they are not blinded to the sin of this world and being desieved. God bless you too! One thing is for sure, HE is coming!

  5. AGREED!! it is wise to be as well-informed as possible, and to be even more well-versed in what the Bible says. I would have to disagree wholeheartedly with those who say there's no value in being made aware of what's going on in the world. Pastor Paul does PLENTY of biblical teaching; his youtube ministry is just one aspect of the work he does, and I don't like it when he gets put down for bringing us relevant news stories.

  6. It is sad that a lot of the world would rather keep their head in the sand rather than know what is going on. Jesus said these things must come to pass before His coming. My brother we are closer today than ever before. Pastor Paul is not trying to scare people but rather bring them to repentance and lead them to Christ. After that it is their choice. No one that is in Christ should be heavy hearted about things that are happening but SHOULD KNOW THE HOUR! God bless you and keep looking up!

  7. Mohammad Mursi WILL NOT CONDEMN the actions! If B. Hussein Obama will not condemn the action, why in the world would Mohammad Mursi? Mohammad Mursi has no MERCY–he cannot, he's a Muslim. The Quran has no mercy, no peace, no salvation, no relationship with God. May JESUS CHRIST OUR LORD have mercy on all!

  8. We need to close all embassies, bring ALL soldiers home from all over the world & kick out ALL muslims out of the US. It's sickening that we are being the world army. The ONLY country that need to support or protect is Israel.

  9. Wow Paul please don't stop bro keep it up I know I thirst of justice too butt only god can satasfy us so revenge is for god and yea we gotta do wat we gotta do is defend our rights in d name of Jesus sorry guys unless we repent and search for god y we still can please now is d time to b saved by Jesus crist th

  10. how does one raise the dead when there is no body for the soul to be in. Temple is the human body when people have died 30 40 years ago how does one raise when there nothing left

  11. Who is responsible for the destruction of our Fathers creation in this AGE OF GRACE. Who is killing The Saints of God & troubling
    HIS Servants & persecuting those who Love The Truth. WHO WHO WHO is doing all these Bad things. I know WHO & so do you its The Devil [ John 10:10a ] Woe unto those who say that GOOD does bad & Bad does Good. Keep in mind that this is still the AGE OF GRACE.

    seems like God is hardening the world's hearts against the US… judgment is still against us

    not if you are with God, but those against his wrath is coming down on them

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