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News Alert – U.S. Sec. Of State Mike Pompeo Gives Urgent Press Conference On N.Korea

News Alert – U.S. Sec. Of State Mike Pompeo Gives Urgent Press Conference On N.Korea

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo holds a press availability in the Spellman Room at the Lotte New York Palace Hotel, in New York City, NY.

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  1. I am concern about are President going to north Korea I am wondering wondering if this leader is doing this to wind up sending nukes onto united states I feel he might be in danger.I hope not.I am praying for President Trump.


  3. We already know eventually we're going to have to face Russia China Iran North Korea and Syria no matter what we do so we might as well knock them all out of the ring at the same time with two fronts just like World War II

  4. Bahala kayo kong ano gawin niyon basta ako ayaw kona soppory oki tapos na ang bolkan marami kayo comeet sakin hindi ako homingi ng manny saiyon dapat nga happy kayo dahil pinag pray ko ang mondo ayaw niyon oki lang basta ako too nagawa ko sa boo mondo marami salamat saiyon kong ayaw niyon oki lang sakin ito too gue thank you god bless

  5. It will be stupid of Kim to give up their nucleur capabilities. How can he trust terrorist Trump. Rather pursue the path of relationship with South Korea to unite as one country.

  6. Go and get all the nation's who are against gods Will,we believe US is choose nation of God's Will, God will surely protect you bless you all in every area abundantly

  7. Why usa as a wild country should have 30 thousands nuclear warhead while other should not have even one nuke

  8. If the number one threat to the world (usa) denuclearize first that would be a step in the right direction!

  9. US is looking at North Korea as if it is a great country and treating so……did you investigate their GDP?…….it's so puny…almost nothing!!!…….or you acting so just being polite? is it the power of Nuke that they got from Clinton and built the Nuke of the expense of Japan? those are done to Extort Japan…….Sir, do you understand how Japan feels when you treating North Korea this way???…….pressuring Japan!!!!!!!!!!! it's all their PLAN…….I'm sure NK will hide Nuke somewhere secret and someday, it'll pop up as dire power to threat neighbor Japan……..

    Communist Regime will never be Right!!!! same with China……don't be deceived!!!!!!!……..I never trust North Korea…..US don't know NK, Japan knows it……….think China……that's what it is……..if it gain wealth, it'll use their power to dominate others…….right now it has nothing……..what I want to say is that US made a mistake by helping China to prosper…….what's the result??? they'll against you…..because it does not have God(moral) for instance there is no human rights……….it only wants a few people possess power and wealth, same with Globalism, very Evil………against God's way……..think about it
    don't make a same mistake you've done to China at Nixon Time to help China become a great country…… doesn't have or capable of creating any high technology of it's own but to copy others or steal high tech from neighbor to catch up the standard with other powerful country's high tech and brag about it as it's own……same to China's way

    I don't like what US is taking this matter with North Korea……….US is repeating the same mistake it had done to China……..someday, it will against you……… don't understand North Korea or China………they are terrible……..

  10. The shall say peace and security and then destruction upon them that what the bible says😂🤣😅😃 war is coming repent

  11. The United States of America is going to be deceived by North Korea.
    Kim Jong un will never give up the nuclear weapons.

  12. 2nd horseman. Once all relevant world leaders declare global peace, and Jerusalem starts to be rebuilt, then peace will be taken from the earth.

    Revelation 6:3-4 KJV

    3 And when he had opened the second seal, I heard the second beast say, Come and see.

    4 And there went out another horse that was red: and power was given to him that sat thereon to take peace from the earth, and that they should kill one another: and there was given unto him a great sword.

  13. Scripted puppets for the jewish death cult for the complete annihilation of America. The black death-cult of Satanic jewish controllers who have traded their souls for a brief moment on the world stage. What a tragic episode in human history to watch this unfold before our very eyes…the soul-less ones parading around as if they will forever be in control and will forever remain above the eternal laws of justice.

  14. How can he stand there with a straight face? Unilaterally tearing up the deal they had agreed with Iran has tightened the laces on the straight-jacket Trump put on himself.

  15. This is a waste of time. They'll never completely denuclearize. The only true way is to crush the DPRK regime and military, and merge the countries again.

  16. This is a game play by politic only not true. North Korea will not give it up that easy only play time to time and save others politic to get ready for war.

  17. Bottom line is the supreme leader, Mr. Kim Jong Un, will never denuclearize before USA denuclearize. It's that simple. Both NK and USA wanted is a photo-op and talk, talks, and more talks, just like it has been for nearly 70 years. Will there be peace ? Of course. There is no military option available to USA, period. NK is now a nuclear state and is recognised internationally as such. The true master of the art of deals is president Xi. Without firing a shot, Xi won by legitimizing NK, and it will be USA that first acknowledge NK as a nuclear state. May the love and the peace of Jesus be with us.

  18. Looking forward rather than backward, the US has much more to offer NK than does
    China. Bringing NK into the US empire would signal the beginning of a new era of
    containment. It seems that although Communism is touted as a workers paradise,
    it is really modeled on a monopolistic corporation. Supreme test of the free market.

  19. It foolish to believe that The DPRK will ever denuclearize given that the DPRK has been at War with America for three generations , brainwashed it’s own people into hatting America also for three generations , starved it’s own people for three generations , all so that they can have Nuclear Weapons to Destroy Americans at what point do they think We the American People are going to believe this it’s never going to happen there will be War ……..

  20. N Korea could emulate S Korea and become an Asian Tiger and finally throw of the yoke of the chinese choke hold. They are nothing more than parasites.
    If they want prosperity they will follow the S Korea to a world partnership

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