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NEWS ALERT , President Trump Latest News Today 8/9/18 , White House news , USA Morning News

NEWS ALERT , President Trump Latest News Today 8/9/18 , White House news , USA Morning News

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  1. Democrats are wasting time and money .If you're serious about investigation! Why don't you investigate H. Clinton about her 35000 email! And Pakistani guy??

  2. Mazie K. Hirono the OPEN BORDERS and SANCTUARY NATIONS enforcer and confused socialist Democrat wonders.

  3. I'm getting sick and tired of all this reporting on collusion in the hate of President Trump nobody's talking about the evil doings from Obama or Hillary nobody's talking about the bombing going on in Gaza right now get over yourselves start reporting what's important

  4. Trump supporters are about 17% of our population Who are a bunch of stupid gullible rednecks. Wish in one hand and shit in the other, you’re not going to take Mueller down, but Mueller is definitely going to take Trump down, Watch it happen and learn

  5. I want MY money back! All the money Mueller has spent on a lie! I say we start a class action law suit NOW! Do you guys know how many millions this idiot had spent on a lie!

  6. Mr President D.Trump
    ..question is…who can stop Mueller (regular…common..ordinary American attorney ) who is above Constitution..President…American people..
    Senat…ect…if nobody in USA…the law is broken…must be fix…

  7. Are you kidding us?? MORE SANCTIONS ON RUSSIA? THE USA IS GETTING Whole Europe in danger too..AGAIN! I THOUGHT YOU WOULD BE DIFFERENT Mr Trump!! It seems I was WRONG!

  8. Omg, REALLY? Why in the world is this still going on? Why is the WITCH still walking around free? Lock her, and many more up already. We the people are sick of paying for this crap. The demoCRAPS are wrong, and they know they are. So what are they doing, spending millions of taxpayers money. The demoCRAPS say they are Christians, REALLY? Then WHY are they teaching HATE,and LYING? No matter who your President is, you should get behind him, and want him to succeed for your country. Rather than trying to help the BEST PRESIDENT WE HAVE EVER SEEN BEFORE. DemoCRAPS nothing, but evil. Not all of them, but you know who I am talking about. God bless our President, and his family. God bless anyone

  9. stupid sumbitch democraps  their and rinos economic policy for the last 40 years has been tailored to suppress  THE ECONOMY  and they spout glorious EXCUSES FOR IT ALL

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