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News Alert – North Korea Is Building New ICBM, Confirmed U.S. Intelligence

News Alert – North Korea Is Building New ICBM, Confirmed U.S. Intelligence

US Spy Agencies Say North Korea Building New Missiles. This comes as Inter-Korean military talks have so far yielded trust building measures, but no significant reductions in troops or artillery at the border.

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  1. Never trust a chinese man you got to be me to get along people 💃💃💃🕵🕵🕵👣👣☻☻☻👥👥👥🔫🔫🔫♠♠♠😠👹 get the strap

  2. Over the years they delt with weekling presidents that bought them off and gave them billions to continue their development and behavior Trump isn't past presidents he will not pay them off but send them a very big gift so if North Korea thinks pushing Trump is a good strategy their making a big mistake

  3. kim is not that stupid, he knows exactly what had happened to Gaddafi after agreeing to destroy his chemical weapons. he is not gonna let anyone fool him

  4. ILLUMINATI/FREEMASONS have sponsored this Video…
    Well done Mr Trumph, the NWO AGENDA will never succeed…God is with Trumph, U( FREEMASONS) continue worshipping the devil…

  5. “Incredible Man” according to Trump

    Kim Jon Un back to his old tricks.

    Just playing international scale drama phony handshake 🤝 say one ☝️ thing n do complete opposite!

  6. North korea can't be trusted, the US should monitor activities of North korea because not sincere about the talks in Singapore.

  7. Maintain sanctions. Weaken them to total starvation. Get most of the troops to defect. And make the civilians to flood the Chinese border. Then stomp both China seas and N. Korea a new ass whole.
    😤😤😤😡😡😡🤬🤬🤬 America


  9. North Korea has been playing a game and holding the U.S. on purpose for decades. I also believe China does know about this. That is no bullshit, as China and most of the World hates The U.S. for having so much for many many many decades. Yeah, they believe Americans have always been given the best without fighting or earning it.

    All I have to say is; Go ahaead and think that:-)

  10. All I know from what I see and hear? North Korea and Iran, and many others maybe China and Russia have already planned things out, but it's obvious that their first plans wern't up to par as I see it.

  11. That's why they keep twisting to what the U.S. does. Trump mentions a meeting? They meet and North Korea is right where they were….no negotiations!

  12. I truly believe that North Korea is playing a Chess piece which is trying to throw the U.S. and its Allies off by a slight hand of sacrifice.

    With North Korea threatening just one nuke which is seen as bad enough. Although, the U.S. can shoot many nukes which would be very hard to hit one, but many? So if North Korea shoots a nuke for real? I say lets get it on and shoot all we have at North Korea/China/Russia/Iran…….and many more to come in any and all directions. Hell, we may have a good few to knock out ourselves so as not to let anybody worried or leave fertile land for Centuries to come? In this case I'd say hit them all. Kim Jong Un is a lier and can never be trusted ever! Talk is just talk to him, but back home he can do anything, and so why would he back down at all?

    So to have a President very willing and knowingly able to threaten another Country or Countries with Military and or nukes is just what we need. Trump to many may seem crazy, but he is exactly what we need right now!

  13. Well they better pray they are not not during the Trump Administration and I wouldn't give him any more concessions if it was true I'd say you stop that plant or we're going to put a missile through the mother f*** welcome to American policy b**

  14. I had indicated here on YouTube in past that N. Korea will not give up their development because that is their pride and committed to continue no matter what. I really can not figure out why President Trump and Secretary of State are hoping N. Korea will abide by whatever (I really do not know what Pres. Trump and Kim agreed during the Singapore meeting few months ago) they discussed, including supposedly complete verification of N. Korea's nuclear missile program, seems to be highly doubtful at this time to be fulfilled due to untrust worthiness of N. Korean regimes, which is nothing new as that's how N. Korea conducts official business in the past. So it seems to me that once again I say here that U.S. is just dreaming of some thing which will NOT come true and seems to me U.S. must be fully prepared to shoot down any provocative future N. Korean missiles if they are fired and enter U.S. air space. U.S. must remain strong and should not give even an inch for N. Korean to take advantage. U.S. must keep up with tough economic sanction against the N. Korean regimes as well.

  15. When US media says there is a ICBM, that means the trade war has escalated.
    When US media says there is a chemical weapon attack, that means military interference has been prepared.
    When US media says there is mass destruction weapons, that means ww3 has been ordered.

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