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New Forest mother receives cake fail from pro baker – Latest news

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…. Amother was left with a dino disaster when she ordered from a professional baker only to receive a cake fail.Alice Hatcher, 27, from Ringwood, in the New Forest, wanted a cake shaped like the Mr Dinosaur toy from hit children’s cartoon Peppa Pig for her two-year-old son, Ralph.But the bake she received from the so-called professional maker she contacted on Facebook didn’t look much like the cute design she had seen on Pinterest.Alice only spent £15, however – so do you think the bake is that bad for the money she paid? Alice found the professional cake maker after posting on Facebook that she needed a baker to make her son a birthday cake.She received a response from a baker who said she could make the cake without a problem, and the order went through.But on the morning of the party, Alice said her ‘jaw dropped’ when the cake arrived.’She stood with the cake on the door step, it wasn’t even in a box but I didn’t know what to say, my jaw just dropped,’ said Alice.’In the moment I was too polite to tell her it was awful but when my partner, Darren, looked at it he told me I should have said something.’ Broken cocktail sticks had been used to hold up the marshmallow spines, and Skittles – which are dangerous for toddlers as they are a choking hazard – had been used to decorate the bake.Alice sent the baker a message to say she was unhappy with the cake, but never received a response.She was forced to run to a local supermarket to buy a second Paw Patrol themed cake, costing £30, so Ralph’s party could go ahead.Alice said: ‘I know it wasn’t a huge amount to pay for a cake but I could have done a better job myself, it was just laughable.’The broken cocktail sticks are dangerous and skittles are just not appropriate for a two-year-old child, I also asked for his name to go on too.’I think she was probably too embarrassed to reply to my message.’Ralph still had a fantastic party in the end.’ ARE THESE THE MOST EPIC CAKE FAILS EVER? This isn’t the first time a customer has been left disappointed after ordering a cake from a professional.These photos reveal the other hilarious cake fails that people received after exchanging hard-earned cash with bakers.

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