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New Day CNN 1/11/18 January 11,2018

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  1. Apparently, it has been reported that Trump has filed 4000 spurious lawsuits. What would happen if every citizen in the USA filed just as many against TRUMP? Would it bankrupt him?

  2. FLORIDA has more REPUBLICANS toadying to untruths than any other state. WHAT HAPPENED TO FLORIDA that they elect so many CRAZY PEOPLE, I wonder? So only THEY are allowed to have clean beaches? Do TRUMP and TILLERSON have their holiday homes on that BEACH?
    I will not be visiting until this epidemic of crazy which seems to attack adult politicians with results like the ZIKA virus is long over. SERIOUSLY.

  3. "I love it, especially later in the summer…" was collusion. Taking the meeting was collusion. What was done because of the meeting was conspiracy. Collusion is a word meaning cooperating to further a common goal, with a negative connotation. The permanent bad hair day keeps denying something that is completely proven. Why the hell doesn't Chris say tell them that whenever one of the fascists claim there was no collusion. It drives me nuts!!!

  4. Why can't the "country move on" until the russia investigation is finished? How is the Russia investigation preventing the "country from moving on"??? I mean, if No one has done anything, then what is preventing Trump from "moving on"??? What's stopping him? What's stopping Trump from "moving on"? Excuses. You did it, Trump.

  5. OUT OF TOUCH! CNN/MEDIA/ELITE & HRC Are The Hysterical Voices of the Dying Deep State & Old Crusty Dem Guard Must ALL GO! Trump Economy Is BOOMING!! USA Is Stronger, Safer & Wealthier Exactly As Our A-Hole NYC POTUS Said It World Be! President Trump Is A Genius & American Patriot! Dems Put Up Or Shut UP! We Thank You DJT!

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