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New Book Questions Donald Trump’s Fitness For Office | The 11th Hour | MSNBC

Eugene Robinson and Steve Schmidt discuss the dysfunction and chaos within the White House as revealed in the new book ‘Fire and Fury’.
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New Book Questions Donald Trump’s Fitness For Office | The 11th Hour | MSNBC

Blogger, Performer, Truck Driver, Serial Careerist, Cigarette Butt Collector. Let me bitch at you every day until you sort your shit.


  1. They been blaming Trump was colluding with the Russians for one year. when it was Hillary that was colluding with the Russians she sold 26% of our uranium to the Russians uranium is ingredient for nuclear weapons for does dumbasses that don't know. But you don't hear that from the Fake News see how these fake news don't talk about the Russian collusion no more. The Fake News are colluding with Hillary and the Russians that's why they're not talking about the collusion anymore the fake media are traitors and dictators. Boycott cut them and all the sponsors and investors.

  2. D trump and his kids have always been dumb even in businesses it has been the people they employ that made the good deals in there businesses not them

  3. None in GOP since before Nixon are fit. GOP and their Anarcho-Trumpian friends constitute the liar's club. They are 60+ million strong. If you don't vote, they will rule over you… and destroy you! We are not in this rut because of GOP or Anarcho-Trumpians. It is because most people haven't been voting, like since Nixon years.

  4. Robinson, Schmidt? Where does MSNBC drag up these nobody's? Another good reason why I should not care about what MSNBC is spewing!

  5. Gentlemen…. in the real world competency is measured in the ability to get results. By that measure, President Trump is eminently competent. You ‘journalists’ on the other hand continue to demonstrate your competency daily.

  6. Thank the Lord we have a president that cares so much about us thank you Trump. We all love you including the haters.

  7. Makes one concerned about what the trump loyalists currently in government who DO know what they are doing are doing. They could be looting the budget but with the WH distraction we will only learn about after it is too late.

  8. Trump is said to not take advice from experienced officials from the get go including Obama so this is what happens. A circus.

  9. HC coughed her head off and passed out over and over during her failed campaign …..and U dopes are attacking Trump on his health  ? !  U make me laugh u garbage ..Trump looks healthy as a race hoarse …..U dems wish u had the guts to do things he has done for Americans !!    2 million jobs…..economy soaring ..dow fantastic ….Isis being defeated …..real news !!! obark did 0

  10. Man, when you have Money, Power, but no Education to back and support this construct. This is not a Luxury Reality TV show. This is serious about National Security. My God, i don't even believe in the Rapture but maybe I'm just waiting for my Alien space ship to take me away!

  11. The GOP is a DEAD Party walking. Looting the American tax base for tax evading corporate pirates already engaged in tax evasion is a crime. Searching for new US war industry profits is a crime. Collapsing American values and institutions funded by the tax base is a crime. Combine and total these actions and we have a fascist government. DEATH TO FASCISM AND THOSE WHO PROMOTE IT. Rocks and Molotov cocktails and weapons will remove this Administration noting else

  12. So Trump doesn't read, isn't intellectually curious, won't listen to others, thinks he knows everything, blames somebody else whenever something goes wrong, and just wants to eat junk food. Pretty much summarizes his appeal to the American people.

  13. Regardless of the current situation, the bias exhibited in this "News" report is worrying. Maybe it is parroting the feeling of the nation?

  14. As a 'non American', can someone explain what the meaning of the alternative U.S flag is, behind of the talking head in the middle ? Is it some old version?

  15. It's not a Republic It's  a Foreign Mercantile Corporation-The Republic is dead Long killed off by members of Both Parties for financial gain– you are all playing with the public

  16. At this point, I don't know whether to laugh or cry. Sometimes, I feel like doing both… at the same time. We are in so much trouble with Trump as president because there is no one around him with the courage, duty to this country, or just basic human decency, to try to stop him.

  17. And yet many still believe Trump, the Republicans AND conservative thought are not traitorous to a democratic republic. No wonder Putin has figured out how to dismantle this nation. If you're founded on the principles of GOD(which we all have been brainwashed fm childhood to believe these past 200+yrs) then why do so many peddle themselves in lies, deception/deflections, hate and suppression of others they deem less than human. Con artistry and double talk which ARE tools of another master ruling another nation on the other side of the planet. Sold out politicians making millions(outside of their own $200 thousand+ a yr approximately) paid by Russian oligarchs(THIS is what Trump and others fear being exposed). And yet 1/3rd of the nation are still bamboozled by the orange man and his republican cohorts.

  18. Low and behold and talking about low IQ reporters, what about 'Eugene Robinson'.  Fake news CNN and the MSM, shameful and disgraceful.  Hateful Democrat Party supporters.  MAGA.

  19. Steve Schmidt another low IQ and silly reporter.  Again shame and disgrace on CNN and the MSM.  Robinson and Schmidt should take an aspirin and have a sleep.  MAGA.

  20. even when trump is gone, america is still full of racist hicks who voted for him. from leading super power to laughingstock in less than a year – great!


  22. The Citizenry should've understood this when the United States had the National and Global embarrassment of being forced to choose between a mendacious, depraved Billionaires Class Businessman, and the Corporate Bombastic Warmongering Democratic Ticket. If we're a great Country, Don't you think we deserve to be governed by the same?!
    I'm prouder and prouder everyday that I hedged my bet for the 'Greater Good' of the Constitution, The Bill of Rights, and the Declaration of Independence. I never voted for nor supported the National and Global embarrassment that explains the Administration, nor did I fall for the Ponzi Schemes that the Political Indentured Servants on Capitol Hill and State Capitols continue to promise to the Citizenry, and it's paid off dividends. Donald Trump serves the needs and interests of the Corporate Benefactors he cares about, are his top priority, and always apart of his supposed Train of Thought… the American Citizenry are no part of that.

    Information is the currency of Democracy…
    A Blind Man can clearly see that the larger issue here is that the American Government is a direct reflection of the American Citizenry. Donald Trump is nothing more than a Mirror and an aberration of what American Culture and American Society actually is. Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton were a clear manifestation of the moral, intellectual, and Political bankruptcy of the United States. The American Electorate voted for, went along with, supported, and bears full responsibility for where we now find ourselves. What's been brought forward really is another useful distraction from the real issues that the Political Indentured Servants on both ends of Pennsylvania Avenue aren't allowed to tell anyone (i.e. the Healthcare Rabbithole, the Unconstitutional Income Tax Monstrosity). The World really is laughing and shaking their heads at America, I can hardly contain my laughter and jubilation either 😃. It's rather hilarious that impoverished Americans believe that a mendacious, blusterous, and bombastic Billionaires Class Businessman (whose success is littered with bodies), all of a sudden honestly cares about their interests. Donald Trump put lipstick on a pig 🐖 and went to sell it to someone who didn't know what they were buying. He sold Gold-plated promises and a Bill of goods to the Electorate that has the same value as a Degree from Trump University, and it was bought Hook Line and Sinker. The only difference between Bernie Madoff and Donald Trump is who's the current Spokesperson for American Democracy sitting in the Oval Office. It's been proven once again that Donald Trump is a Poor Man's idea of a Rich Man, an uneducated Man's idea of a Smart Man, and a spineless coward's idea of a Hero. Donald Trump makes Bernie Madoff look like a Shoplifter and President George W. Bush look like a Rhodes Scholar. America's Foreign Affairs is in Shambles due to the failure of our blood soaked War on Terrorism and American Imperialism, Our American Economic and Monetary Development is in Collapse since our Money is worth nothing more than playing a Monopoly game, alongside our $20 Trillion Dollar Debt cesspool. The American Government cannot serve the needs or interests of the American Citizenry since Corporate America, the Deep State, the Military Industrial Complex, K Street Lobbyists, and AIPAC made sure that Washington DC is Corporate Occupied Territory.

    An inept American Government cannot fail those it was never meant to serve…

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