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Never Waste An FBI Created Crisis, Skynet Robot Army, RFID Food & Russiagate’s Grasping Collapse

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Local law enforcement are stating that despite the MSM claims, there are No connection to militia or white nationalists

Florida school shooting: FBI mishandled tip on gunman’s ‘desire to kill’

The U.S. Military Will Have More Robots Than Humans by 2025

Graphene on toast, anyone?
Scientists create patterned graphene onto food, paper, cloth, cardboard

US calls on Iran to withdraw from Syria

US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson called on Iran to withdraw its troops and allied militia from Syria.

Mueller Indicts 13 Russians, 3 Companies For Interfering In US Election

Rosenstein: “There is no allegation in this indictment that any American was a knowing participant in this illegal activity. There is no allegation in the indictment that the [Russians’] conduct altered the outcome of the 2016 election.”

Russia Responds To “Absurd” Election Meddling Allegations

Russia Will Have Exclusive Rights Over Oil and Gas Production in Syria

Coinbase Launches Cryptocurrency Commerce Service For Merchants; Partners With Shopify


FBI Creates Terrorism:

Florida Shooting:

Militia/Patriot agenda:

School on lock down:

Autonomous Humvees:

2008 report Warning Of Brain Interface Tech:

US Illegal occupation of Syria:

Venezuela economic warfare:

Government attack on Crypto:

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  1. How come nobody's mentioning the fact that that boy is Hispanic what would he be doing in a white nationalist group until Spanish Cuban

  2. The simple "fact" that it was an AR15 has got to make us question this. Just because people died, doesn't mean that it wasn't 100% set up/staged by you know who.

  3. World Jewry at it again, how many times have they implemented gun control to create a defenseless population, subsequently leading to the liquidation of that Nation's gentile intelligentsia & middle class until we're but slaves, their greatest purpose & ideal? The struggle for wealth, for capital, for family possessions, for personal egoism; everything is merely a means to such ends(as dictated in their Talmudic doctrines, their most authoritative literature which regulates culture, law & identity).

  4. D-12 "9-11" the wick is lit at both ends my generation Will be the gen that stops a lot of this bullshit gen x unite and bring the peace!!!!

  5. Huge difference between "fake" and "false flag". If our government had any integrity at all this wouldn't even be up for discussion.

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