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NBC News-YouTube Democratic Debate (Full)

Join NBC News’ Lester Holt, Andrea Mitchell, Chuck Todd and YouTube creators Connor Franta, Marques Brownlee, MinuteEarth and Franchesca Ramsey as Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders and Martin O’Malley debate in Charleston, South Carolina.
Pre-Debate coverage begins at 8pm ET.
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NBC News-YouTube Democratic Debate (Full)

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  1. 45:00 First Hillary, it's subscribers not viewers. Second, how did you know? Maybe your staff knew this question was coming and gave you a heads up…

  2. Bernie Sanders, his prospective administration, his rhetoric, his agenda and his logical and progressive vision for America would have really made 'America great again'. It's preposterous how millions of Americans perpetually vote against their own interest or don't engage in local and general elections.

  3. Good evening and were biased news. Today we try to slam bernie with.. Wait you're saying he has had a solid stance for the last 40 years of politics? How do we out somebody as corrupt, when they haven't committed a corrupt political act in their entire career? But you know.. America.

  4. I consider myself a democrat and I'm furious that they made sure that Clinton stole and the nomination screw Bernie

  5. HAHAHAHA first woman President is not going to be Hillary Clinton Ivanka Trump has more chance of becoming the first female President, which is a possibility if Donald does a great job and Americans want it to carry on down the same path

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