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NBC News fires Matt Lauer after inappropriate sexual behavior complaint

Matt Lauer was fired from NBC News after an employee filed a complaint about “inappropriate sexual behavior in the workplace,” the network announced.

Blogger, Performer, Truck Driver, Serial Careerist, Cigarette Butt Collector. Let me bitch at you every day until you sort your shit.


  1. Get a grip! Devastated? There are people working for minimum wage, and Matt was raking in $25,000,000 a year? He'll be okay. TV land is another universe, folks.

  2. Matt, just have a couple of long winded press conferences and apologize profusely, say that you will not do it again and that you need to go back to work for the American people.

    It works, just ask fellow liberal, the honorable Senator Al Franken.

  3. Has any one thought about how this is only happening in the US and why? There isn't any sudden scandal about people in other countries being outed. Just remember, we are descendants from apes so this should not be shocking at all. Because of that, who really has the right to say what is right and what is wrong? Is there a God Ape who makes these rules? You either say we came from apes or you say we were created and therefore answer to a higher power or understand that we don't. You can't have it both ways.

  4. What about Cuomo running around naked in a High School girls locker room. He even said "It should be considered normal for young girls to see a mans' penis".

  5. The Matt Lauer Hour: 30 minutes – molestation techniques, 29 minutes – fake news, 1 minute – too leave the set. Oops that was CNNs résumé.

  6. Karma's a bitch and Matt Lauer has to pay the price for acting like an oversexed tomcat, knocking off women left and right. He will be 'screwed' when his wife takes him to the cleaners in their divorce settlement in the coming years.

  7. Liberals have no morals. Why is this shocking to anyone? It was an open secret that everyone protected. It makes me wonder if this is why Ann Curry had to go.

  8. You gotta love it and laugh when a prick like this falls from grace they r so in your face about there fake righteousness and then boom baby done he will forever be known as a pervert what a way to end a career I bet he didn't expect that when he got on tv bwahahahahah

  9. i cant wait till cnn comes out with one of there own(faggot matt luaer ) like old matt, i know he's out there somewhere in CNN !!!!!!

  10. Another one bites the dust…who the fuck is next????i know there are a lot of libturd piece of shit perverts in the media!!!!!!!!!

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