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NATO Turkey Shoot Down Russian Jet USA Obama Emergancy meeting Breaking News November 24 2015

NATO Turkey Shoot Down Russian Fighter Jet Putin Confirms USA Obama Emergency meeting Breaking News ALERT November 24 2015

RAW RUSSIAN JET SHOT DOWN NATO Turkey shoots down Russian jet Breaking News November 24 2015

RAW Russian Fighter Jet Shot Down by NATO Turkey Putin Confirms Breaking News November 24 2015

RAW NATO Turkey Shot down Russian Fighter jet by NATO Turkey Breaking News November 24 2015

RAW Russian rescue Helicopter destroyed Syrian rebels claim Breaking News November 24 2015

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  2. why does Emery Riddle in Fla. teach Muslimpilots to fly? Them U.S. sells them jets and NATO gives them jets. Arming training and funding terrorist regimes.

  3. These reporters absolutely don't know what they are talking about.
    Turkey didn't overreact, Russia was bombing Turkmen on the border of Turkey. These are ethnic Turkic people happened to be living in Syria. Russia is playing games with the West. It is trying to save Assad and they knowingly violated Turkish air space many times in last 5 months. Turkish didn't overreact, Putin got what he deserved.

  4. why do obama administration want's the opposition rebels or Isis to rule Syria? what will it gain for America or American or for NATO members? what the world could see now few years that this so called breeded ISIS by obama n arab not only threw Assad regime, but were threatening to capture Rome, 2 terror attacks on France n much more beheading of christians,destroying monuments, spreading terror worldwide. Obama may hv asked Turkey to shoot the plane, n rushed to call a meeting with nato to pressurise members to support turkey under the terms of NATO formed, so pull all in war, and be ready if Russia retaliate and also diverting it's attention from isis too. There should be a solution for this nonsense or madness of Obama administration.

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