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No matter what you believe, many factors are pointing us to uncertain times ahead. Stormy waters, lets say …which will test mankind like never before. There is also a real threat of World War III on our horizon as the middle East heats up. Scientist at NASA are saying solar flares are a real risk as well!!!

At some point starting by December, 2012 we need to be prepared for economic collapse. It’s very important that we keep 6 to 1year worth of water, food, and fuel in storage. The more we all prepare the less damage we will suffer…. We need to become debt free and truly independent of electricity, gasoline. Preparedness is peace of mind.

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  1. Sandy and global warning. Hey Obama Fix that. everybody blamed bush Sandy is a walk in the park. all this is going to happen and you cant do anything about it and Government will collapse, all the politicians will hiding in their bunkers. we will be locked out, kiss you ass goodbye

  2. i dont trust nasa, they hide the fact theres life on the moon and mars by airbrushing the stuff out. how can you believe anything those clowns say.

  3. your spot on there. i heard government bought houses in mexico. and i also heard they have underground links from the east to the west of usa.

  4. i love how USA is like pretty much the only place with all this bull shit bout 2012
    here in New Zealand know one i know even talks about it…. i guess we shall see in 21 days
    if shits gonna go down or there is a bunch of retards on the net going by what some retard said

  5. @injectingRevolution I live in America and no one I know talks about it. I mean maybe 3 years ago everybody here was making it a small talk topic. But think abou this our calendar goes by a leap year calendar. There is a extra day every 4 years right?? If we didn't have that extra day since the mayan calendar was invented some 3000 years ago, today would be sometime in may 2014… The Mayan calendar does not go by the leap year.

  6. Get close to jesus christ our savior!! He is our only hope! Only through him can we get to the father! Ask for forgiveness and repent of your sins!!

  7. why is it a lot of religious nut jobs always end up explaining the end of the world with Jesus or God. If there is Planet Nibiru that will affect the earth drastically God or Jesus has nothing to do with it. It like the solar or lunar eclipse. Every time eclipses happen no one prays to Jesus or God!!!!

  8. rach, don't sweat it. Fear mongering is lucrative. Many people make $ by making you scared enough to buy survival gear and like that. The sun repeats the cycle every 11 years, no reason to think this time will be any worse than the last umpteen times we've seen it.And if there was a giant rock near to crash into Earth any time soon, we would notice a marked change in the governments plans for the near future. They wouldn't be planning normal events as they are & always have been. 1 more thing

  9. Love your loved ones as much as you can every day. You wont be here forever, solar storm or not! Make your precious moment upon this Earth mean something besides fear, I think you'll be surprised how fast your concerns will fade when you apply real purpose to your life. -Not implying you haven't already! As far as that Holy Spirit goes,well you cant see your own breath, but you can't live without it! Do yourself a favor, conduct a minor investigation on the relationship between Spirit & Breath!

  10. dumb asses, the entire media keeps feeding us with lies. Goddamned, don't you all see, our system ( government, media, business, science etc) thinks we are the most stupid society that has ever walked this planet.That is why they can, are and will keep saying bullshit like above so we can stay afraid of shit.They know that we are never gonna get together and say enough! All of us, All of us think we are so cool, that we know some truth above something, but we really don't know shit. think!

  11. If it wasn't for SOHO, the Solar & Heliospheric Observatory built in 1995 and put into orbit shortly after we wouldn't know what the heck was going on with solar storms to the measure that we know now. How many HUGE solar flares hit earth without us knowing it in the past 50 years…QUITE A FEW…..So fret not, the earth will continue to soar through space at amazing speeds while life goes on! It makes for a great story however doesn't it? What else will the media & net have to talk about!

  12. dont worry bout the sun its planetx thats gona burn our families. those n power will gt what they deserve . lies decit myth and the truth shall awaken us when its too late. therefore dont panick we have been warned…………..goodbye to the human race for the hour of depopulation will be excrutiatingly fucking painfu ……….jfk c u n hell brothers and sisters across the globe……..take care much luv [email protected]

  13. Oh, right, let's all take some time to prepare for a solar flare and stop thinking about how corrupt our government is and all the crap their up to. Congress has something like a 96% disapproval rating – good work guys. Yeah, but hey, the sun, now that's what we should all be concerned about. Gun running to Mexican criminals, IRS targeting groups that don't support Obama, hundreds of illegals being brought from Mexico to go on welfare, vote Dem and ban guns, Patriot Act, NDAA. But hey, the sun, now that's what we should worry about.

  14. Gilarte Fernandez couches his argument as if only an economic motive will kick off the needed "space race," but he is enthusiastic about colonizing the Moon. Rare metals such as uranium-3, which turns out to be a fuel for nuclear fusion and which could provide energy for our civilization for the next 10,000 years, " he wrote.

  15. bull shit nasa told them to spew that crap .these are scare tactics to get stupid sheeple to vote for stupid acts .thats what commies do 

  16. Wow. I can't believe I used to fall for this BS. Fear mongering at its finest. Our beautiful FLAT earth is being destroyed by a small group of greedy psychopathic families who have lied, cheated and murdered thier way to power.
    Anyone remember John? Rockefeller, who wanted nothing to do with his evil family disinherited himself, and moved to Africa?

  17. CNN is the worst,, fake news outlet ever created ,,, keep on keeping on cnn one day you will find something to freak out the masses

  18. Soo, its 2017 and people continue to say thay things will happen, then they dont. Anf when they dont those who made the video never speak again. Until the next mofo comes along and says some other BS. I know we should exercise preparedness alway. Although, dont go along blowing whistles.

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