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NASA one step closer to signs of life on Mars

See what NASA’s Curiosity rover discovered on Mars.

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  1. NASA I left you a lot of Clues ?? what more do you want a selfie👽 we found you why can't you find us !!!…

  2. Did someone remind NASA to post anything, as long as they look like they are working on something? We already know about this for about 35 years now. What’s next? NASA says “unlikely to breath oxygen is space?”. If you found something new, just say it. If you didnt find anything, just say “we’re still looking for life”. Sounds like Trump news. Dont do that again.

  3. As we all new years ago, is this out because the moon is moving away from earth and n.a.s.a needs more cash to do more long slow work on more crap we know about. Come on, let's have more info on other planets.

  4. Ther earth is flat with a dome called the firmament over it. Above the dome are waters. And above the waters sits the throne of the Most High, I AM the Elohim of Israel.

  5. Not really. Methane is also produced from volcanic activity that stems from molten rock and minerals, not necessarily organic matter. Why mislead the people by leading them on NASA and Media…

  6. Fake since they destroyed all the technology they used to land on the moon, how could they land on mars?

  7. Let me guess this stupid idiot is very interested in finding life in a world that can't have life. That's why all this stupid old people are dying and we should not care about Mars if we can't even control life here stupid. I bet you have a helmet on and hopping that the USA don't read you thoughts. Idiot.

  8. NASA: "We found organic compounds on Mars."

    Creationists: "Liars! We are special! We are the only life in the universe! The entire universe exists only for us!"
    Anti alien conspiracy theorists: "Liars! You never left Earth! It's all CGI and Hollywood!"
    Pro alien conspiracy theorists: "Liars! We've been visited by aliens and there was an alien civilization on Mars! You know that!"
    Random ignorant person: "Why should I care? Stop funding research and science projects! We need more guns!"
    Flatearthers: "Liars! Yeah Mars is a sphere, we can see that. Same as every other planet. But Earth is a disk!"
    People who feel they have achieved nothing in life: "I knew that all the time! I was always right! Look at me! They just repeat what I've always been saying!"

    You'd think that in the 21st century, with improved education systems and such, also mankind would get more knowledgeable and smarter. But these people are the opposite.

  9. Not saying to stop scientific research but come on this idiot's are guessing thing on another planet. Let's be real this means I can be a scientist cause all it takes are "I guess" and come on. Let's go to planets"moon" that we can live in not a planet that you will over heat. Let's wake up make this people are a waste of air.

  10. One day we'll wake up and be told that USA has landed on Mars and a colony is being set up. Oxygen is plentiful and a atmosphere will be created. Such wonderful technologies will be leaked to us slowly until the brain dead are fully on board.

  11. they already knew that life exist on mars not a microbial life but also species of different creatures just beneath the surface of mars

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