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Nancy Pelosi Publicly Wishes For Romney Presidency

Nancy Pelosi Publicly Wishes For Romney Presidency

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  1. @3:25, best line in video. "The democrats are worse than the republicans, because you see the republicans coming. The democrats are wolves in sheep's clothing." That is so true.

  2. In this country, the "right wing" and "left wing" are both attached to the same bird, and it's a vulture, not an eagle.

  3. I think Bernie did that because he knows the idiots that wrote the constitution made sure that we will only ever have a two party system. He must think it's better to try to change the party.

  4. like ive kept saying for over 2years and more. no third party there will be no change…progressives don't wait for Bernie get it together now lol

  5. That's what Sheepdogs do. And, if you really care about it, stop featuring PALAST who WORKS for them and diverts the issue of election fraud to partisan b.s. when it is usurped by the deep state. Election wasn't cheated for Clinton, Trump was accidental President which is why you have seen a year long temper tantrum blaming Russia to divert from the real internal crime of the primary election fraud committed for Clinton. They attempted to fix the general for her too which is why they came out with articles in the WP stating Russia would ATTEMPT to frame Clinton for Election Fraud BEFORE the election. They were putting out narratives preemptively if people caught on to the planned cheat. Only, it didn't work and they couldn't cheat ENOUGH. The DHS taking over critical infrastructure was about ensuring we would NEVER have the problem of Sanders OR Trump again. They now control everything around security of elections including deciding on machinery and vote storage locations. They will give paper ballots but they will be meaningless because there will be NO way to verify. Already people are being locked out of the election meetings in their towns. Palast will be part of selling this new scam as if the recommendations of Woolsley from CIA and the DHS goons leading the recommendations are going to implement anything other than a more covert system of cheat. And, YOU, keep having ONE of their operatives on your show. Which shows me you either are part of the gig or are so blinded by the group of sellouts around you that you can't see clearly. It really doesn't matter because we have moved beyond party. Government is now usurped by a mob and you don't fight mobs in voting booths. There is going to be NO remedy through the crisis we are in through voting, it is gone.

  6. Another great one; " Chuck Schumer is the leader in the Senate. I wouldn't ask that guy directions to the f**** freeway. He's a leader? NO!" -Jimmy Dore 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  7. I am so glad that Jimmy Dore is finally calling out Bernie Sanders. Sanders is a sheep dog for the Democratic party

  8. but rommey was already president, from 2008 to 2016, thats why they passed romney care and got into more wars and did everything else he wanted to do.

  9. Thank you Jimmy as always for the wonderful show. I am so glad that finally you are awoke about Bernie! However even if he wants to run as an Independent candidate, until we have an unrigged voting system in place, people's candidates will never have a chance. As you know Homeland National Security took over Voting infrastructure not long ago & put two convicted conman in charge. Since the day he talked to Obama in the White House, he totally changed. Was he threatened by Deep Stare? Regardless, I guaranty Burnie will never run for president to be forced to betray people just like Obama did. However, as the most trusted person in the country sadly he will allow himself to be used to herd SHEEPLE to vote for a future Deep State' candidate. After putting my total trust to Obama & Bernie, I have lost faith 1000{110202e4b0545ba7d82f832dfdef697f1165b8ffb4f37afa9b7f9a509eaa0583} in: any candidates, our democracy, justice system, even charity organizations, like ACLU,….

  10. Hillary lost even without Bernie running as a spoiler, so Trump would have been president regardless if the Greens+Bernie got the 5{110202e4b0545ba7d82f832dfdef697f1165b8ffb4f37afa9b7f9a509eaa0583} of votes needed. Instead Bernie was so paranoid of being labeled a Ralph Nader (which some propaganda institutions still did anyway) that he ultimately accomplished nothing with his movement so far except popularizing "people's funding" for future elections.

  11. Can we start a petition to collectively show Bernie how many people would support his presidential run as an independent?

  12. Obama proved one thing better than any other President, it really doesn't matter who the president is,or which party is in charge! It's the same kind of people, shoveling same shit and the process is rigged so that nothing can change!

  13. Instead of beating on Bernie who should run for what, as you spitefully said he's 80. He's no coward you fuckwit why don't you run as you seem to have all the answers but no bollocks or a spine !!!!!

  14. I think Bernie's strategy has been to use the Dem's pulpit to keep getting his message out on the lame stream media. I believe he will wait as long as possible before announcing that he will run third party, but I don't think he will go with the Green Party. He might feel that the Greens already have some baggage and issues (whether true or not) that the voters won't go for.

  15. mom always said you can get far in the world with good manners, didnt know you could get away with war crimes damn… if you care about the green party make sure its on the ballots! If you want Bernie to be a green you have to #GROWTHEGREEN!

  16. The 134-63 margin for Pelosi may have looked like a slaughter in the leadership vote, but Tim Ryan proved that a third of sitting house Democrats were willing to cast their vote for a new direction. Tim was advocating change with an emphasis on a working class agenda to appeal to voters.

    Democratic Gen X'ers like myself and the millenials are ready for LIBERALS to run the party. We know why our party has lost the steam it had in the past: milk-toast moderates run the show.

    I'm not leaving the only party with any progressives that fight for democratic values in the halls of congress and state legislatures. We need the moderate dems to go away with the neo-cons to whatever retirement tax haven they have so savagely set-up for themselves.
    We out-number the moderates and right-wingers. We should start acting like it EVERY NOVEMBER!!!

  17. Yo, THANK YOU JIMMY!!! Not a lot of people admit that even Bernie sold out in the end! He was the first presidential candidate I ever voted for and he broke me heart. He would've won as an independent 💯✌🏾️

  18. Bernie is a tactician. The green party has a lot of people in it that would fight Bernie as well. Remember when Roseanne ran as a Green? No because all of the delegates went with Jill Stein.

  19. people who long for the days of George W. Bush and Mitt the twit tit Romney as president shouldn't be allowed in politics and should renounce their stupid fucking opinions on how the world would be run. And sorry Jimmy and folks but Bernie is no Ralph Nader, he is no rebel, he is controlled opposition, who has propped up centrist imperialist progressive on all except Palestine Democrats for years since he wasn't mayor of Burlington, and the fact he didn't support the DNC lawsuit and pushed Russia conspiracy theories says volumes about him. thanks Jimmy for calling out Bernie, gotta do it more my friend. by the way the criticisms Jimmy has towards Bernie or the very same problems I have with Jeremy Corbyn and his futile efforts to reform the Labour Party which was always a violent imperial nuclear armed party that gave working people's crumbs as opposed to radical reforms.

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