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MUST WATCH!!! RT America Atomises Rachel Maddow and MSNBC (Mad Sucking News Bullshit Channel)

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  1. I'm starting to wonder if Madcow is a transvestite Russian agent herself. She / he is always trying to destory the democracy of America, the President and the American people. Plus she REALLY looks like a man.

  2. So russia basically is the dady of iran.Iran hates kurds so much if they could genocide them they would.But russia supports the kurds? lol hahahaha The news is there to confuse people and make them even If we were being invaded by china.It would not be on msnbc because it would be racist to exposes asians that are invading us.

  3. Maddow is a spastic heterophobe with some sort of sexual deviation. She has an abnormal hatred for Donald Trump, America, all herterosexuals, especially males. Just a passive observation reveals that Rachel tends to look and act like a male. Ms. Maddow often will demonstrate Penis Envy and accute Heterophobia. In conclusion; after passive examination of Ms. Maddow she appears to be a text book example of the type of freak that is created when you spoil your children and give awards to the loser of the 40 yard dash.

  4. Russis would be far worse as the planet's sole superpower than the US has been though under our current erratic actor, maybe not.   RT does great work unless the topic at all relates to Putin's brutal dictatorship, then you must go elsewhere as various perspectives ought to be scoured in order not to get sucked into one particular outlook. And facts are good to google, like "trump lies" & extinction #6

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